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Swaggy P Threw One of the Worst First Pitches You’ll Ever See

Juuuuust a bit outer space.

Kobe Bryant Continues to Troll the Lakers, Says Barack Obama Could Play on This Year’s Team

Kobe... again... Being Kobe.

Jodie Meeks Won at H-O-R-S-E While the Los Angeles Lakers Lost

The Los Angeles Lakers without Kobe Bryant are one big mess. They continued their losing ways last night, giving up […]

Here’s Chris Kamen Stretched Out for a Nap While the Lakers Played the Cavs

The injury-decimated L.A. Lakers played an incredibly fucking weird game last night, after starting with only eight available players to […]

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James Combine for Insane Alley-Oop Dunk

Well, this is just spectacular.

Nick Young Takes Most Hilarious Shot Attempt in NBA History

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young attempted the most ridiculous shot of the year – and perhaps any year – when he tried …THIS against

Xavier Henry Destroyed Jeff Withey With an Emphatic Dunk

Xavier Henry and Jeff Withey were teammates at Kansas. They are not teammates in the NBA. Ergo, Henry, now with the Los Angeles Lakers, had

Kobe Bryant is Feeling Well Enough to Go Off the High Dive

I’m not a doctor or anything but it seems like jumping off a 40-foot platform into water wouldn’t be the best way to rehab a

Dwight Howard Got Extremely Sexual With an Elderly Woman on the Dance Floor

Dwight Howard just wants to be loved. Ironically, everything he does only further distances himself from the likeability column.

New York Knicks Bros Bro as Hard as Los Angeles Lakers Bros

These New York Knicks Bros waited several hours for their team’s selection. Apparently, they spent the whole time working themselves up into a frenzy over

Kobe Bryant Wants to Show You What His Achilles Surgery Looked Like

Do you think there’s more pressure on Kobe Bryant or more pressure on the surgeon trusted with the highest-scoring ACL in the world? After seeing

Dwight Howard’s Lakers Career Summed Up in 2 Horribly Embarrassing Minutes

Dwight Howard’s time in Los Angeles has been pretty awful for all involved parties. Over the weekend, news emerged that the discontented big man would

Kobe Bryant Live-Tweeted Yesterday’s Game, and Mike D’Antoni Was Less Than Thrilled

Yesterday's Lakers-Spurs game ended with San Antonio taking a 91-79 win. Not many people outside of L.A. and Duncan-Land cared, though, because none other than

Mother of the Year Drops Her Son to Catch Hockey Stick at Los Angeles Kings Game

What would you do for a game-used hockey stick? Would you sacrifice your child’s safety? For this Los Angeles Kings fan, the answer is yes.

Metta World Peace Confirms He’s Too Sexy for His Cat

Metta World Peace returned to action last night, just 12 days after undergoing knee surgery. How was he able to do this? He has a

Here’s Every Second of Shaquille O’Neal’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony

Shaquille O’Neal had his number retired by the Los Angeles Lakers last night. The ceremony was equal parts funny, touching, and star-studded.

Kobe Bryant’s Ankle Looks Pretty Gnarly

Kobe Bryant spent all night watching movies and trying to make his ankle feel better. It still looks pretty gross.

Did Dahntay Jones Injure Kobe Bryant on Purpose?

Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely after severely spraining his ankle late in last night’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Dwight Howard Delivers Some Opinions on an Orlando Magic Fan’s Mama

Dwight Howard’s return to Orlando last night saw him score 39 points and get booed a lot. Thanks to super-sensitive microphones, we also now know

Kobe Bryant Finds Fountain of Youth, Dunks on Josh Smith

OK, so let’s not put Kobe Bryant in a nursing home just yet.

Metta World Peace Continues Proud Tradition of Kissing Women During Games

It’s becoming a bit of a habit of Metta World Peace’s to wander into the stands and kiss ladies. A little creepy, right? Well, MWP

The Houston Rockets’ Mascot Rewrote All the Cake-to-the-Face Rules Last Night

The Houston Rockets beat the Los Angeles Lakers last night because Kobe Bryant’s crew is old and busted. More importantly, this happened.

Kobe Bryant on Why the Lakers Aren’t Good: ‘We’re Old as Sh*t’

(Sorry, but that image gets posted with every Lakers story. House rules.)

Houston Rockets Radio Announcer Reports the ‘Lakers Have Just Pooped Their Big Boy Pants’

Houston Rockets radio announcer Craig Ackerman had a lot of fun last night. I mean, Christ, he got paid to scream this ridiculous sequence of

The 15 Best Things About That Lakers Bro GIF

A couple of hours ago, I tweeted that I had seen the brilliant Lakers Bro GIF over 100 times. This was only a slight exaggeration.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Next Coach Will Be Mike D’Antoni

The next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers will not be Phil Jackson, despite the intense flirtations between the two camps over the weekend.

Los Angeles Lakers Fire Coach Mike Brown After 1-4 Start

Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown has been fired by the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a report from USA Today. The highly touted team

Metta World Peace Wandered Into the Stands to Kiss a Woman

Metta World Peace went into the stands again to have an up-close and personal encounter with a fan over the weekend. This time it was

L.A. Bros Hand Steve Nash Beer on Freeway

Going to a new team is always tough, especially when one player's identity is so totally wrapped in another squad, as Steve Nash was with

Reports: Steve Nash Traded to Los Angeles Lakers

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash is reportedly on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s a very happy Fourth of July for the Canadian.

Metta World Peace’s Mental Health PSA is Confusing

But I expected nothing else. In all seriousness, it’s great for World Peace to draw attention to the myriad organizations that do great work helping

Russell Westbrook Sends Lakers Home With Circus Shot

If the torch in the NBA’s Western Conference hadn’t been passed already, it definitely changed residence last night as the Oklahoma City Thunder eliminated the

Pau Gasol Feels Up Serge Ibaka

To acknowledge your opponent's effort some players will give each other a handshake, while others give a pat on the back, but Pau Gasol has

Brad Richards Took 2 Sh*ts Last Night and the Sacramento Kings Are Dominating NHL, Graphics Report

It was a tough night for the hard-working graphic writers of our nation. First, they told us that New York Rangers center Brad Richards took

If Metta World Peace Elbows You in the Head, He Will Never Speak to You Again

Or at least Metta World Peace will never apologize for doing it. Because, you know, that brand of kindness will make him lose his competitive

Woman Wanders Onto Court During Nuggets-Lakers Game Looking for Kenyon Martin

Savannah McMillan-Christmas, a 20-year-old woman, inserted herself into the Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets game last night. She’s not on either roster. Either very

Metta World Peace’s Elbow Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The Taiwanese animation of American sports scandals are always noticeably light on facts, but the interpretation of the Metta World Peace elbow may

Metta World Peace Knocked Out James Harden With an Intentional Elbow

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. And what says “world peace” more than intentionally elbowing Oklahoma

Fan Fight Breaks Out During Suns Post Game Show

Fan fights usually take place in the upper levels of a stadium during the game, however these fans were too busy watching the

Report: Chris Paul Traded to the Lakers

The wait and the hype as to whether or not NBA All Star point guard Chris Paul will be traded is over.