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Yasiel Puig’s Accidental Helmet Trick Was Quite Impressive

Accidental brilliance.

Yasiel Puig Nearly Took Out Matt Kemp With a Thrown Bat

Hey, look out!

There’s Never Been a Better Shirt Than This One Roger McDowell Wore in 1993

You won't believe this thing.

GIF: Yasiel Puig Just Had a Bat Flip Fail for the Ages

Poor guy.

Yasiel Puig Made Friends With a Snake AND an Elephant Today

Friendship is magic.

Yasiel Puig Hits a Grand Slam With Himself in a Video Game, Celebrates Like a Madman

Very meta.

VIDEO: It Appears Yasiel Puig’s Cannon of an Arm Is Ready for the 2014 Baseball Season

Puig back.

Hanley Ramirez Hid in Juan Uribe’s Locker, Tried to Give Him a Heart Attack

Wait for it ...

Carl Crawford’s Slide Looked Pretty Painful


Will Ferrell Introduces the Los Angeles Dodgers Before the NLCS

Will Ferrel is such a boss when it comes to doing awesome things at sporting events. It's in his DNA as a Sports Broadcasting major

Yasiel Puig Celebrated a Triple With an Insane Bat Flip

Los Angeles Dodgers rookie outfielder Yasiel Puig plays baseball unlike any other Major Leaguer plays baseball. He's cocky, brash, emotional and impulsive. All of those

Yasiel Puig Broke TBS’ Cameras During Last Night’s Dodgers Celebration

If you're a baseball fan, yesterday was nirvana: Three playoff games decided by only one run, a near-no-hitter from the Cardinals' 22-year-old Michael Wacha, a come-from-behind thriller

Los Angeles Dodgers Swim in Diamondbacks’ Pool, Yasiel Puig Does ‘The Worm’

The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched a postseason berth yesterday by defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks. After getting off to a horrible start, Don Mattingly’s team has

Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers Have an All-Out Brawl

Last night’s Los Angeles Dodgers-Arizona Diamonbacks game got a little out of hand. There were five hit batsmen and two bench-clearing brawls. So, yeah, not

Matt Kemp Gives a Brave Bro His Hat, Jersey and Shoes

Los Angeles Dodgers centerfielder Matt Kemp gave away his hat, jersey and shoes after a game in San Francisco over the weekend.

Psy Did His Thing at Dodger Stadium, Tommy Lasorda Wasn’t Very Impressed

Apparently Psy is back. The weird dance enthusiast showed up at Dodger Stadium last night to ply his special brand of entertainment. Tommy Lasorda had

Los Angeles Dodgers Twitter Account Sends Out Perfectly Timed ‘Anchorman’ Burn

It was a rough night for the Los Angeles Dodgers on the diamond, in the parking lot, and in the future.

Vin Scully Has Some Questions About Hashtags

Los Angeles Dodgers announcer and national treasure Vin Scully further endeared himself to the world yesterday when he wondered aloud about hashtags.

Navy SEAL Straps Camera to Head, Skydives Into Dodger Stadium Like a Boss

A day in the life of a Navy Seal probably goes something like this: 1. Wake up 2. Be awesome 3. Go to sleep. 4.

Blond Sportscaster Urges Living God Vin Scully to ‘Get His Sh*t Together’

KTLA sports anchor Rebecca Hall is familiar with Vin Scully’s impressive resumé. She is less familiar with the words she’s allowed to say on her

A.J. Ellis, Clayton Kershaw Star in ‘Between Two Ferns’ Parody

When you’re a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, it’s a good idea to keep your acting chops sharp. To that end, here’s a battery

Padres Fan Gets His Head Stomped by Other Padres Fans After Dodgers/Padres Game

I'm not trying to take sides on this Padre-on-Padre hate crime -- because the guy laid out in the street might be in horrific condition

The Los Angeles Dodgers Turned a Clusterf*ck Into a Triple Play

The Los Angeles Dodgers turned one of the most unique triple plays in baseball history yesterday, mainly because not a single person knew

Bear Grylls Lit His First Pitch On Fire

The ceremonial first pitch is a tired tradition. Most of the time, some corporate fat cat in a starched shirt waddles out there and throws

The Internet is Really, Really Mad That the Giants Gave This Kid a Ball

You know how we know the summer doldrums have set in? Because today The Internet can't seem to get over this little kid

VIDEO: Obese, Shirtless Cubs Fan Screams at Dodgers Fan

Maybe you've heard: Ballpark attendence at baseball games isn't exactly off to a banner start. And Wrigley Field is one of the ballparks where things

35 Years Ago Today, Rick Monday Made the Greatest Play in Baseball History By Saving the U.S. Flag

Thirty-five years ago today, on April 25, 1976, the Chicago Cubs took the field to play the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. During the

This Dodgers Fan Fight is the First Basebrawl of the Year

Opening weekend for baseball season means it's the opening weekend for basebrawl season. Here we have a Dodgers fan in fistcuffs with another Dodgers fan