los angeles clippers

Doc Rivers Apologizes To Young Clippers Fan Sitting Courtside For Team’s Awful Performance


The Los Angeles Clippers got blown out by the Cleveland Cavaliers last night.


Chris Paul Said ‘Dick’ And Blake Griffin LOST IT


Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were conducting a routine question-and-answer session with media when Paul accidentally said "dick.

sweet rides

DeAndre Jordan Spent $12K To Turn His Ride Into A Light Cycle From ‘Tron’


Long gone are the days of pimping rides -- now dudes are tricking out bikes to look like they're straight out of Tron.

fan fights

Young Clippers Bro Learns Why One Doesn’t Pick A Fight With A Grown-Ass Man


It's a weird phenomenon, but a man's ability to fight seems to increase with age even if his overall physical fitness level plummets.

The Price is Right

Jack Nicholson + excited fan + ‘The Price Is Right’ losing horn


Some poor kid tried to get dap from Jack Nicholson at the Clippers game last night.

Yakety Sax

The wild ending to the Clippers-Thunders game gets the ‘Yakety Sax’ treatment


You've undoubtedly seen the ending to the Clippers-Thunders game.

Los Angeles Clippers

Donald Sterling says he made ‘one mistake’ in 35 years as Clippers owner


Donald Sterling says he isn't a racist, that his words caught on tape by mistress V.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant flops, believes he can fly


Kevin Durant had an MVP-like performance in Game 2 against the Clippers with 32 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists in a 112-101 victory.

Los Angeles Clippers

Donald Sterling Has Cancer


Donald Sterling has been battling prostate cancer and has lived longer than some expected, according to a report from the New York Post.

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