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Jack Nicholson Left a Kid Hanging in Epic Fashion

So cold.

Russell Westbrook Almost Dunked on a Mop Girl

Look out!

Blake Griffin Just Got Super Punched in the Dick

Very ouch.

Donald Sterling Has Cancer

Donald Sterling has been battling prostate cancer and has lived longer than some expected, according to a report from the […]

Oprah Winfrey Considering Bid to Buy the Los Angeles Clippers


NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

Hammer time.

Players on the Los Angeles Clippers Are Refusing to Wear Clippers Gear Right Now

This is their first game since their owner's racist comments were revealed.

P.J. Tucker Was Ejected for Whacking Blake Griffin in the Head

Fight, fight!

Watch Blake Griffin Do His Best Tupac Shakur Impression

Blake Griffin sat out most of the second half of Friday night’s game against the Toronto Raptors. The Clippers power […]

DeAndre Jordan’s Alley-Oop Fail Was Still Spectacular

DeAndre Jordan is best known around the NBA as the guy who (metaphorically) killed Brandon Knight with that insane throwdown last year. He can jump

Serge Ibaka and Matt Barnes Fight

Tensions run high when the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder play so it’s no surprise last night’s game featured pushing, shoving, and general

The Los Angeles Clippers’ New Sleeved Jerseys Have Sleeves

Jerseys with sleeves are happening in the NBA, and there’s nothing you or I can do to stop it. Check out the Los Angeles Clippers’

Doc Rivers Is Going to the Clippers

On Friday, Doc Rivers told the Los Angeles Clippers that he wasn't interested in leaving Boston. Today, that statement is looking more and more like

Chris Paul’s Dramatic Game-Winner Lifts Clippers Past Grizzlies

Chris Paul’s buzzer-beater against the Memphis Grizzlies gave the Los Angeles Clippers a 2-0 series advantage and proved banks stay open until ridiculously late hours

Someone Put Jim Ross Audio Over the DeAndre Jordan Dunk, and It’s Fantastic

Good Ol' JR + DeAndre Jordan = A match made in Brandon Knight's nightmares.

Wikipedia Kills Brandon Knight after Last Night’s Vicious DeAndre Jordan Dunk

To me, one of the funniest moments of that DeAndre Jordan dunk last night was assist-man Chris Paul's reaction afterward. The guard walks around in

A Between-the-Legs Alley-Oop to Blake Griffin is as Awesome as it Sounds

The Los Angeles Clippers are basically running a slam dunk contest during games at this point.

Matt Barnes Chokes Greg Stiesma, Will Probably Be in Some Trouble

That’s what I call going for the jugular.

36-Year-Old Tim Duncan’s Amazing Block on Blake Griffin’s Dunk Attempt

Old man Tim Duncan and his San Antonio Spurs denied the high-flying Los Angeles Clippers once again on Saturday night.

Watch the Los Angeles Clippers’ Insane Comeback Against the Memphis Grizzlies

The Los Angeles Clippers authored the greatest comeback in the history of the NBA playoffs last night, going on a 28-3 run to

Blake Griffin’s Huge Dunk on a Frightened Channing Frye

There was a Los Angeles Clippers game last night, so of course there was a dynamite dunk by Blake Griffin.

Jason Smith Flagrantly Fouls/Checks Blake Griffin

Nobody wants to be in Blake Griffin's highlight reel or poster, but Jason Smith made sure that he would not be dunked on

Watch Blake Griffin Dunk All Over the Celtics

Blake Griffin played in an NBA game last night, so it would be easy to say that there were Blake Griffin dunk highlights.