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A Thorough Rebuttal to the ‘Why Didn’t the Eagles Just Fly Frodo to Mordor’ LOTR Complaint

Consider us convinced.

This 7-Foot Tall ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Orc In Full Costume Scared The Crap Out Of Everyone In A Grocery Store

Laundry day happens to the best of us.

5 Current Trends We’ve Already Seen

Every few years, a new subculture seems to spring up and thousands of adaptable Americans readily turn in their personal identities

‘Lord of the Rings’ Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment, and Should Win All Awards for Best Comedy

Too good. 

Here’s A Trailer for Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’

Director Peter Jackson wowed the world with his excruciatingly long, yet excruciatingly dazzling Lord of the Rings movies almost a decade ago. Now he's back