Bro Torments World’s Most Understanding Girlfriend With ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Quotes And Films It


To execute a proper prank takes time and patience, and this bro understands that.

Lord of the Rings

Photo of ‘monster’ in Bejing turns out to be guy pissing while dressed as Gollum


Cell phone photos snapped by a tourist camping out in the small town of Huairou, Bejing sent the town into a panic.


5 Current Trends We’ve Already Seen


Every few years, a new subculture seems to spring up and thousands of adaptable Americans readily turn in their personal identities in order to better fit the mold before it’s uncool.

Video games

This Game Tank Kickstarter is top to bottom bizarre


Don't you hate it when you're just trying to enjoy a video game, and some guy crawls out from behind your couch, throws a beer can at your head, and starts yelling gibberish.

medieval fantasy

Lord of the Rings beer helmet will get you drunk in style


It's time to retire your frat boy beer helmet in favor of something ten times more nerdy but a hundred times more bad ass.

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