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What It’s Like to Fall Off a Longboard at 40 MPH

It hurts.

8 Reasons Why Longboarding Is Basically Social Suicide

So you’ve decided to do what everyone else is doing and buy a longboard to cruise around town. But why are you not getting respect

Longboarding Down Pikes Peak Is INTENSE

Strap a GoPro on and down the hill you go. DAMN that's fast... 

Bro Shows Us How to Properly Stop on a Longboard

Bros love their longboards.

Devin Supertramp’s ‘Extreme Longboarding at Insane Speeds’ Might Give You a Reckless Urge

Because trying to replicate stuff seen on the internet is always a sound idea, here's some new fodder for you to naively lose a limb

Bro at Washington State University Dresses Up as Aladdin and Longboards on a Magic Carpet

Why? Because college, of course. I wonder if he pulled the "I can show you the world" pick-up line before or after the stunt?

Time to Add Freebording Down a Mountain to My Bucket List

Well this looks badass. World, meet Freebording. The San Francisco-based company manufactures a six-wheeled skateboard that allow riders to carve, slide, slow down and stop