playing with fire

Dude In Full Camo Plays With Fire By Blasting London Cops With Nerf Gun

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You know that old saying 'if you play with fire for long enough, you're going to get burned'.

visitor center

Beefeater Gin offering you a look behind the curtain


It's easy to say, "Seen one distillery, seen 'em all," but when the opportunity comes to explore a historic operation like Beefeater Gin, you have to take it.

sherrlock holmes

Hendrick’s gin gives the go-ahead for drinking in the morning


In the past year I've jumped on the gin bandwagon and have enjoyed every minute of it.

slut dropping

‘Slut Dropping’ is All the Rage at Universities in London


What you and I have come to know as "Freshmen Orientation" in the good old US of A is called "Freshers" week on the other side of the Atlantic (I refuse to call an ocean a pond.

opening ceremony

A Dancer Filmed the Opening Ceremony from His Perspective and It’s Just Tremendous


It seems like even the most jaded of human beings found some joy in Friday’s Opening Ceremony in jolly old London.


Michael Phelps’ Official Olympic Picture is Hilarious


If Michael Phelps wins three medals in the upcoming London Games, he’ll be the most decorated Olympian in history.

pizza party

Meet the Woman Who Has Eaten Nothing But Cheese Pizza for 31 Years


Not too long ago, we brought you the bizarre tale of a British girl who only ate chicken nuggets.

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