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Man Wielding a Knife Outside of Buckingham Palace Gets the Piss Tased Out of Him

Is he really...? Oh God...he is. He's holding himself hostage! What a clown. Good-looking knife, though; really digging the green handle, but what a fucking

‘Slut Dropping’ is All the Rage at Universities in London

What you and I have come to know as "Freshmen Orientation" in the good old US of A is called "Freshers" week on the other

If You Finish Fourth at the Olympics, This British Man Will Send You a Medal to Ease the Pain

Finishing fourth in a specific event at the Olympics must suck. Sure, you’re one of the best in the world at your sport, but you

A Dancer Filmed the Opening Ceremony from His Perspective and It’s Just Tremendous

It seems like even the most jaded of human beings found some joy in Friday’s Opening Ceremony in jolly old London. The Danny Boyle-directed masterpiece

Michael Phelps’ Official Olympic Picture is Hilarious

If Michael Phelps wins three medals in the upcoming London Games, he’ll be the most decorated Olympian in history. That’s all fine and dandy, but

Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney Have Microphones Shut Off Mid-Show

This one almost defies explanation. Bruce Springsteen was rocking out to 76,000-plus thrilled spectators in London’s Hyde Park, a venue he’d wanted to play for

Meet the Woman Who Has Eaten Nothing But Cheese Pizza for 31 Years

Not too long ago, we brought you the bizarre tale of a British girl who only ate chicken nuggets. She's apparently not the only lady

Nine London Bankers Spent £71,000 at a Nightclub During Their Christmas Party (w/Receipt)

The most impressive part of this £71,000 receipt is the volume of alcohol these hedge funders from London bought at their 9-person holiday party. They

This is What the Inside of Deadmau5’s Helmet Looks Like

Deadmau5's glowing, red demented Mickey Mouse helmet is one of the most endearing icons in electronic music. If you're wondering what that fancy piece of

Video: Drunk Man Falls Down the Stairs and Uses His Face to Break His Fall (Twice)

According to The Sun, this superstar was thrown out of the theatre awards in London after he toppled over in front of guests including Sir

Double-D Vision: Wonderbra ‘Wows’ With First 3D Billboard, ‘3-DD’ B**bs in Central London

Last week we told you about the 15 sexiest 3D magazine pictorials in recent memory, including Anna Kournikova's stereoscopic spread Maxim's October 2010 issue. This