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Lolo Jones Wins Top Prize for the Most Insufferable Tweet of the Day

I had the same exact expression on my face after reading this tweet.

Lolo Jones Went to the Beach and Took a Few Hot Selfies

Abs for days.

Pete Holmes’ Interview of Lolo Jones Was a Gloriously Awkward Mess

Lolo Jones is the nationally famous track-and-field athlete who didn't do a hell of a lot on the track-and-field front at the London Games. She

After 3 Weeks of Practice, Lolo Jones Makes U.S. Bobsled Team

Lolo Jones refuses to go quietly into the night. The Olympic hurdler is taking a page out of the “Cool Runnings” screenplay and will use

LoLo Jones is Confident She Could Beat Quadrapalegic Eric LeGrand in a Race

God bless Twitter. Two people enter into an exchange, one invariably leaves in shame.

Thank You, America: USA Olympians Show Their Appreciation

How can you make a thank you, America video with no Phelps, Lochte, Maroney, or the girl synchronized diver with gigantic cold sore on her

Which is More Difficult: Winning Olympic Gold or Remaining a Virgin?

For American sprinter LoLo Jones, an easy-on-the-eyes silver medalist, keeping her taut body pristine is waaaaaaaay more difficult. She recently revealed on Twitter that she