Lolo Jones Won the #IfMyPhoneGotHacked Hashtag Game by Working a Stripper Pole


Lolo Jones is one of those athletes that people hate on a lot, but every now and then she does something to impress.


Lolo Jones Wins Top Prize for the Most Insufferable Tweet of the Day


I had the same exact expression on my face after reading this tweet.

Lolo Jones Twitter

Lolo Jones made fun of Rihanna on Twitter—then one of her fans dropped the greatest tweet ever


There are three certainties in life: 1) death 2) taxes 3) Lolo Jones putting her foot in her mouth.

Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes’ Interview of Lolo Jones Was a Gloriously Awkward Mess


Lolo Jones is the nationally famous track-and-field athlete who didn't do a hell of a lot on the track-and-field front at the London Games.

Lolo Jones vine

Lolo Jones continues her attention whoring with terrible Vine


Attention whore Lolo Jones is at again screaming, "ME ME ME, everyone look at me" and I'm happily obliging by posting this tremendously stupid vine.

sports memes

Sports memes, gifs and screencaps of the week


Rick Pitino ducks for cover, an awkward high five and creeping on Kate Upton at the National Championship highlight this week's edition of sports memes and gifs.

Man sends Lolo Jones tweets

Man creepily sends Lolo Jones 160 tweets in 8 months


"I'm a good guy and if you gave me a chance you would see that.

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