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This Sad, Sad Virgin Has A Message To Everyone Out There Who Hates Fedoras

Did I emphasize "sad" enough?

‘Archer’ Quotes Over James Bond Photographs Is Sheer Perfection

Archer plus James Bond is a match made in hysterical heaven.

Rate This Sig EP Bro’s ‘Frat As F*ck’ Freestyle Rap

Pump the brakes: I think we just found the jam of the 2013 - 2014 school year. It comes to us via our buddies over

Not a Bad Problem to Have…

Even if you own too many cats, this probably isn't a bad problem to have...

Augie Garrido, Baseball Coach at the University of Texas, Gives Epic, Profanity-Filled Pep Talks

Augie Garrido, head coach of the University of Texas baseball team, knows how to motivate his boys. And, considering he has 1,629 wins (more than