10 Weird Things Guys Do To One-Up Each Other


To be fair, I do this shit with my friends too, and the female version is just as painfully dumb.

class projects

Watch This Poor Kid Ask His Dad A Few Questions For His Class Vlog And Instead Drive Him Within An Inch Of Insanity


I literally have nothing to say about this other than that it’s the best thing I’ve seen all day, nay, all week.


School Newspaper Publishes Joke Piece On How To Bang More Chicks So Duh People Took It Seriously And Lost Their Shit


I don’t understand how you can take a piece on how to increase your kill count (aka bang more chicks) seriously when the steps are as follows: 1.

fat people

Watch The Embarrassing Chaos That Ensues When One Reporter Forgets To Turn Her Mic Off And Calls Another Anchor ‘Fat’


‘Twas just another regular ol’ news day at KTLA 5 in Los Angeles until someone dropped the F-bomb on air.


Watch This Little Girl’s Fairy Princess Doll Do A Special Trick That Involves A Fireplace And Making The Girl Cry


I remember owning a mermaid Barbie doll when I was like 6 and being super pumped to dump it into the bathtub so I could watch it swim around like…well, a mermaid.

family feud

Watch This Woman Embarrass The Hell Out Of Her Husband With Her Penis-Oriented Answer On ‘Family Feud’


If you had the choice between the entire viewership of Family Feud (maybe like 8 people tops) knowing that you have a bad dick or hiding under a rock for the rest of your life, which would you choose.


Watch This Kid Faint Or Maybe Die After Getting On Stage At A Concert Because Either Way You’ll Laugh


I know you’ll be tempted to stop watching this video after you see the kid pass out, but fight that temptation and watch it all the way through.


This Chunky Kid Who Videobombed A Newscast By Striking Poses Is America’s Next Top Model


During a live newscast in Nevada about a new shopping mall opening this chunky kid started striking poses behind the reporter.


The 2015 ‘Sexy’ NYC Taxi Driver Calendar Will Remind You To Use Uber So You Can Avoid These Drivers


Have you ever been so sexually aroused that you felt like you were going to cream your pants in public.

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