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This ‘Hockey Is Ours’ Ad from Nike Manages to Be Both Inspiring and Depressing

"They can take away our pucks, but they can't take away our..."

Sick of the NHL Lockout? Protest It By Shaving Off Your Beard and Mailing It to the NHL Offices

Not sure this would do anything to solve the lockout, but inundating the NHL offices with beard hair is a tremendous idea nonetheless. I implore

The NHL Lockout Explained with Beer

Scratching your head over this NHL lockout? Just miss hockey and wish it would finally return? These two Bros are with you only they're drinking

This Cameraman Fight Outside the NBA Lockout Meeting Is the Worst Fight Ever

As you probably already know, the NBA is shelving the first two weeks of its regular season after a negotiation session last night.

Crowd Goes Nuts After Kobe Does a Simple Dunk in Manila

Having already embarrassed Bow Wow and showing the world he can still 360 this summer, Kobe Bryant headed to Manilla for a little contractually-obliged exhibition

Funny or Die: Field of Dreams 2 NFL Lockout

This "Field of Dreams" parody based on the current NFL Lockout stars the likes of Ray Lewis, Dwight Freeney, Antonio Cromartie, Tony Gonzalez, DeSean Jackson,