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Rate This Lingerie Football League Locker Room Speech

The Legends Football League wants to be taken seriously so bad, it's kind of endearing.

Amateur Hockey Coach Gives the Best Locker Room Pump-Up Speech You’ll Watch Today

A tipster sent this to us and it's awesome. I love this Bro from the hockey hotbed of Hartford, Connecticut. The fact that he's pounding a

Chuck Pagano Dances and Delivers Emotional Post Game Speech in First Game Back as Colts’ Head Coach

After the Colts defeated a shaky Texans team on Sunday, head coach Chuck Pagano danced, did a do-se-do with Jim Irsay, and then delivered a

Ray Lewis Gives Another Epic Locker Room Speech to the Stanford Men’s Basketball Team

When it comes to battle cries, no one can rally the troops quite like Ray Lewis. Last year the Ravens linebacker sent chills

Jason Taylor’s Last NFL Locker Room Speech Is Heartwarming

On Sunday Jason Taylor played his last NFL game with the Miami Dolphins, bringing the Jets' tumultuous season to a screeching halt. After