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Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers of the Month

Everybody bloops.

News Anchor Accidentally Calls Fire Truck ‘Fuck Truck’ On Air

It rhymes.

Reporter Gets Stuck in Mud During Live Report — and That’s Not a Metaphor

Sticky situation.

Man’s Enormous Dumb Bike Is Looking Pretty Smart Now, Huh?

You laughed at him. You mocked him.

Reporter Decides to Sprint on Live Television, Eats Pavement

Very predictable.

Fake Chef Awesomely Pranks Morning Talk Shows with Inedible Food

Over the holidays, a self-taught chef named Keith Guerke was a guest on several morning TV shows.

Woman Jogging Through Heavy Snow Tells Reporter How Great It Is, Then Falls in Spectacular Fashion

Schadenfreude, noun: “a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people.” Alternate definition: […]

Amazing 8-Year-Old Boy Saves Six People from Burning House Before Dying

Just brutal news out of Penfield, New York today: An 8-year-old kid named Tyler J. Doohan saved six people from an early morning fire on Monday, only to

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Stoner Kid Who Made the Local News

Let's get the serious part out of the way first: Last week in Topeka, Kansas, a student was arrested for trying to hire a gunman. Scary

Local News Station Is Accused of Hilariously Over-the-Top Debauchery

If there were ever a crossover film to be made with Anchorman and The Wolf of Wall Street, it'd look something like the story of Cleveland's Action 19

News Anchor Hilariously Loses His Mind Over Viewers’ Pictures of Snow-Covered Patio Furniture

Colorado news anchor Kyle Clark receives one kind of photo whenever winter weather sets in: The picture of snow-covered patio furniture. He recently explained why he's so

Local News Stations Had Some HILARIOUS Jokes to Make About Mike Myers’ New Child

Mike Myers is expecting his second child with his wife Kelly Tisdale, and every local news station—which is written by a team of Bengali outsourcers equipped

A Philly Newscaster Just Broke Twitter with This Highly Controversial ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet

It's hard to think anyone would ever "go there" comparing Breaking Bad  -- a fictional television show -- with real-life violence that directly impacts people's lives. One

Woman Punches Reporter in the Face, Is Promptly Maced By a Cop

Reporters were attempting to report on a police officer’s shooting when Florida happened.

Just a Video of a News Reporter Drawing a Giant Penis on Live TV

Giggety, giggety, giggety. Nothing funnier than dongs in unusual every day places. H/T: Hypervocal. 

Hero Teen Saves Abducted Little Girl, Restores Faith in America

Local news is depressing as shit. It's car crashes and teenage murders and electrical fires at puppy rescues, and if you watch each night, you

Rhode Island Reporter Gives Bear Survival Tips, Makes a Nation Laugh

Here are some hot tips for all you campers out there courtesy of Providence NBC reporter Julie Tremel. She’s going to walk you through what

NY1 Reporter Shreds an Epic Air Guitar Solo During a Live News Broadcast, Completely Kills It

Some people start their day with Al Roker and the Today Show. Others, Good Morning America. My morning isn't complete until I watch Canada's greatest gift to the

‘F*ck Me, I Can’t Even F*cking Talk,’ Says Our New Favorite Local News Reporter

In what appears to be an incorrectly edited segment never meant for live television, a local news reporter with a terrific vocabulary named Lindsay Nadrich dropped

Spider Crawls on Camera During News Broadcast, Giving a Freakout for the Ages


This is the Best Local News Graphic You’ll See

Here’s to all those hard-working people in the chryon-development industry. Keep on keeping on and, one day, you’ll have the opportunity to make a graphic

Watch a News Crew Find a Missing Man While Reporting That He Is, In Fact, Missing

It was probably going to be a sad story: After a 73-year-old dementia-riddled man named Robert McDonough went missing from his home, a local Maine

The ‘F*cking Sh*t’ Weekend Anchor Has, Incredibly, Been Fired

I'm very sad about this news, even if everyone who watched the video yesterday saw it coming: A.J. Clemente, whose first-ever words on air as

Hero Reporter Stops Videobomber By Asking Her If She Has STDs

In New Orleans right now, thousands of Super Bowl ticket-holders, NFL insiders, and people just there for the spectacle have descended upon the fair Southern

South Carolina Student on Local News Broadcast: Duplex Fire ‘Not Frat at All’

Sporting a bath robe and an attitude that can best be described as Jeff Spicoli meets Frank the Tank at his most enthusiastic, South Carolina

Crazy Lady Tells Reporter She Showed Her Boobs to Vacuum Cleaner Man in Local News Report of Year

I hesitated to call this lady "crazy" in the headline. I genuinely don't think she's nuts. Yes, she tells a news reporter that she knows

Boss Old Man Defends Home with Bow and Arrow in One of the Stranger Local News Broadcasts You’ll See

I'm not posting this because of the obvious "Hey, this guy is elderly but still able to defend himself; this is awesome" angle. I'm posting

Reporter Gustavo Almadovar Refuses to Say His Name Like a Normal Person

What if I told you there was a local news reporter that was incapable of saying his name without violently yanking his head to the

Green Bay’s NBC Station Used a ‘Replacement Weatherman’

A lot of people in Green Bay woke up hung over and rightly disgusted yesterday. Luckily, the local NBC affiliate is the funniest darn little

Local Sports Guy Goes Off on Bob Costas for Making Him Work Late

Add Jacksonville sportscaster and NBC employee Dan Hicken to those who don’t particularly care for NBC’s Olympic coverage.

Here’s a Local News Story About Virginia’s ‘Master Bait Shop’

Mad respect for this man's business acumen. Michael DeClue, the owner of Virginia's Orange County Master Bait Shop, obviously mastered his Marketing 101 class. Some

Minnesota Newscasters Left Speechless When Kate Upton Cat Daddy Video Plays on the Air

Classic blooper from KMSP in Minneapolis-St. Paul. While discussing Justin Verlander's Kate Upton jinx last week, the station broadcast her now-infamous "Cat Daddy" video with Uncle Terry. 

350-Pound Man Protests Restaurant Because ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Policy Doesn’t Live Up to Its Name

Golf clap to this 350-pound Wisconsin man. During an All-You-Can-Eat fish fry, Bill's favorite local restaurant cut him off after scarfing down 12

Here’s New York NBC4’s Sue Simmons Talk About Her Breast During a Lead In to the 11 PM News

Hey look, we spotted a news blooper during tonight's WNBC4 11PM newscast. That's local news anchor Sue Simmons’ -- who makes $5 million dollars a

Girl Receives 1989 Toyota Corolla LE That She Was Born In for 16th Birthday

So, here's a local news story about an Ohio teen who recently celebrated her 16th birthday by receiving the car she was actually

Not a Bad Problem to Have…

Even if you own too many cats, this probably isn't a bad problem to have...

Texas Neighborhood Furious About Statue Of David in Front Lawn

A new resident moved into a neighborhood in Abilene, Texas and decided to decorate his front yard with a miniature replica of Michelangelo's Statue of

MUST WATCH: Here’s a Local News Story About a Man Forced To Eat His Own Beard

Things got downright gross last May when Harvey Westmoreland (above) got into a fight with James Hill and Troy Holt over the price of a