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Luis Suarez Is Officially BANNED Because He Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop Biting People

Dude needs to go back to Pre-K and learn a thing or two.

Steven Gerrard Scored a Free Kick Goal That Will Make You Reconsider the True Nature of Mankind


Luis Suarez Scored a Goal That Will Make You Spit Out Liquid Dramatically

Luis Suarez is not a bad soccer player. He showed exactly how much he doesn't suck yesterday with this spectacular free-kick goal against Hull City

Luis Suarez Scored a Goal That Will Make You Question Your Very Existence

Liverpool star Luis Suarez scored one of the more visually appealing goals you’ll ever see early on in today’ s match against Norwich City. The

Luis Suarez Returns to Liverpool After Biting Guy, Scores Two Goals in Win

Luis Suarez bit a dude back in April, some people, shockingly, were not cool with it, and the striker was suspended for 10 Premier League

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Bites Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez is phenomenally talented and certifiably insane. Today’s match against Chelsea highlighted his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde nature perfectly.

Luis Suarez Scored an Impossibly Sweet Free-Kick Goal

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez scored two free-kick goals in yesterday’s Europa League match against Zenit St. Petersburg. The second one’s beauty might bring you to tears

Tottenham’s Gareth Bale Took a Ball to the Face, Scored a Painful Own Goal

Tottenham bested Liverpool 2-1 yesterday. Hotspur Gareth Bale scored a remarkable free-kick goal and assisted on the game-winner. But forget all that because he scored

Liverpool Fan Runs Onto Pitch, Performs Extremely Off-Color Comedy Routine

We showed you Liverpool striker Luis Suarez capping his hat trick with a 45-yard bomb on Saturday. What we didn’t show you was

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Scores From Far, Far Away

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez wasn’t suspended for today’s Premier League match against Norwich and he took advantage of the opportunity by scoring a