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22 Things Only People Who Played Little League Will Remember

23. Dying of heatstroke

Little League Pitcher Makes Batter Poop His Pants With Insane Curveball

If you weren’t glued to your television watching Little League baseball yesterday, we commend you. Congratulations on a full and active life.

The Black Keys Sponsor a Little League Team, Making Players Coolest in Akron, Ohio

The most kick-ass rock and roll band in the world, the Black Keys, sponsors its own Little League team. Because the good kids of Akron,

Watch Some Little League Dads Have a Major-League Brawl

Every Little League dad in Georgia is a barrel-chested troublemaker. That’s what I learned from this video.

Here’s the Best Little League Play You’ll See All Day

If this doesn't bring back memories of your Little League glory days, well, you probably never pulled off this play.

World’s Worst Umpire Enjoys Embarrassing Kids

There’s absolutely no way the kids in this umpire’s league are older than 10, so it’s a bit perplexing why he feels the need to

6-Year-Old Bro Makes an Unassisted Triple Play

This little Bro is playing on another level. They need to move him up to the 8-year-old division because while Timmy was on

Gentlemen’s Club Sponsors Little League Team

Generally companies that sponsor Little League teams are like Bedrock Concrete or Dan's Sub Shack, but some lucky youngsters were privileged enough to have the

In Little League World Series, California Team Does What U.S. Women’s Soccer Can’t: Beat Japan

We supporting the United States being awesome at everything and anything, so hats off to the 12-year olds from Huntington Beach, California who

Paramedics Take Cancer-Patient Dad to Son’s Little League Game; Son Knocks One Out of the Park

Bar-none the best Father-Son sports story you'll read today. Huge bro moves for everyone involved.