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Little Leaguer Would Like to Meet Kate Upton, Has Solid Life Goals

Hey, so does everyone.

A Little League Coach Consoled His Team With One of the Best Speeches You’ll Ever Hear

Incredible moments.

Awesome Little Leaguer Has Life Completely Figured Out

Girl talk.

Grown-Ass Man at Little League World Series Goes After Home Run Ball With Way Too Much Passion

It’s nice that ESPN continues to put the Little League World Series on national television because it’s always fun to see kids with overactive pituitary

Little League Pitcher Makes Batter Poop His Pants With Insane Curveball

If you weren’t glued to your television watching Little League baseball yesterday, we commend you. Congratulations on a full and active life.

Pablo Sanchez Is Playing in the Little League World Series

But is he the Carribean squad's Secret Weapon?

Japanese Little Leaguer’s Favorite Band Probably Isn’t Wandai Wrection

Did we learn nothing from the Asiana Airlines prank?

Little League Team Advances to World Series Thanks to Possible Blown Appeal at Third Base

Here's something we missed with the Olympics taking up our attention over the weekend: This crazy, unfortunate way to end a regional Little League World

In Little League World Series, California Team Does What U.S. Women’s Soccer Can’t: Beat Japan

We supporting the United States being awesome at everything and anything, so hats off to the 12-year olds from Huntington Beach, California who

Little League Baseball Player Makes Spectacular Catch with His Face

Boom! Headshot! Hey champ, the glove works much better when you catch the ball in it. Poor kid learned the hard way that