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Holy Shit! This 3-Year-Old Bro Is Really Good at Golf

Nice full shoulder turn there, son.

Little Kid Loses His Shit Over the Panthers Releasing Steve Smith

I did the same thing when Michael Jordan retired for the first time.

This Kid Discussing His Poo Will Crack You Up

Pretty sure the next time I take a shit I'll find myself saying "That poo will overflow the toilet." It's that catchy. (Video is SFW)

Look at This Little Kid Snag a Souvenir Ball from a Very Attractive Lady

Maybe he's negging?

‘This Tastes Gooder Than a Bitch’: Little Kid, Who Is INSANELY Vulgar, Reviews Food

What the shit is going on here? I'm as vulgar as vulgar can be but, surprisingly I'm even offended by the aloof child-rearing going on

Little Girl Wins Christmas, Flips Off the Camera During Photo With Santa Claus

"Suck it long and suck it hard, Santa."