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Here’s What Reddit Thinks Are the Most Popular Albums of the 2000s

Get ready to open Spotify and bathe in some nostalgia.

10 Things Chicks Should Never Wear in Public

I love yoga pants.

9 Out-of-the-Box Things to Do Before You Turn 25

The internet is full of articles about things you should do before you turn a certain age.

30 Unrealistic Things You Think You’ll Do Right After College

You probably will not...

‘Top 10 Cities White People Like,’ Ranked By Patagonias, Marijuana Use, Sushi Restaurants, and Microbrews

Whether they realize it or not, white people are obsessed with some pretty crazy shit: Patagonias, farmers markets, sushi, “indie” […]

The 16 Biggest Sore Losers in Sports

The biggest crybabies in sports...

5 Reality Shows We Need to See In 2014

There’s been a steady rise of reality TV shows in the past few years, and most of them are terrible. Luckily, I’ve created a list

20 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About ‘A Christmas Story’

Jack Nicholson was almost Ralphie’s dad. Let that one soak in a minute.

5 Ridiculous Ways People Got Out of Traffic Tickets

When we're pulled over and given a ticket, we dream of fighting The Man and all the injustices he throws our way. We rarely do

U.S. Presidents Ranked by How Fun They Would Be at a Strip Club

Recently my colleague Brandon said he thought George W. Bush would be a ton of fun at a strip club. 

50 U.S. States Ranked By Penis Size

The condom-purchasing website CONDOMANIA (capitalization mine) released a list today that ranked the 50 states in order of most-to-fewest Magnum condoms purchased. 

The 50 Smartest Colleges In America

Another day, another college list created by a bunch of douchebags behind computers somewhere. This time it's a list of the smartest colleges in America by

The 18 Hottest Jewish Female Celebrities, According to an Adult Website Survey

We're can't link you to it, but a pretty big adult website (cough: Pornhub) just polled its visitors to determine the hottest female Jewish celebrity. The

15 Subreddits That Will Restore Your Faith in the Internet

If you don’t "know" Reddit, think of it this way: Google is where people go to search for things. Reddit is where you go to see the things

The Top 10 Most Annoying People on Social Media

It's one thing to instagram a picture of the most beautiful spicy tuna roll that's ever been placed in front of you but it's entirely

10 Absolutely True Ways Girls Change from College to Their Mid-20s

It's been four years now since I graduated college. In those four years I've transformed from an immature, alcohol-abusing, degenerate-gambling, recklessly irresponsible smartass into an

7 Songs That Influence Terrible Decisions

Don’t listen to that crazy mohawked chick who’s been an Internet plague for the past few weeks. God’s not the only one who can judge

Here’s the U.S. News and World Report’s Annual List of the Top 100 Colleges

Grab the pitchforks, Ivy Leaguers: The U.S. News and World Report rankings are here. As always, they totally don't matter if your school went down

10 Awkward Moments We All Know WAY Too Well

After extensive office discussion, we've decided Sidewalk Tango should be banned. Somehow. GET ON IT, OBAMA.

12 Movie Moments We Never Want to See Again

You watch a movie, you get hit over the head with cliches: The Superhero punching a guy then being surprised by his own strength, the

79 Common Mispronunciations

Lifehack your vocabulary.

10 Creepiest Places On Earth

I'm surprised that "locked in my field of vision" was not one of them. 

‘EW’ Releases List of 10 Best TV Shows of All Time

You know No. 1. You know it.

17 Filthy Things to Do to Your Girlfriend While She Sleeps

Let’s be honest here. As men, we spend a tremendous amount of time suppressing deviant thoughts. It’s exhausting to keep the devil inside at bay,

Ranking the 25 Best Cereals from Childhood (and Maybe Adulthood)

They'reeeeeeeeeee great. 

25 More of the Funniest Things Written on Colleges’ Class of 2017 Facebook Groups

Back in January, we introduced you to the blog "Accepted! 2017," which was created with the mission to "catalogue the crazy shit people say in

Saying YOLO, and 20 Things Everyone Needs to Stop Doing

Saying that you remember "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" doesn't make you old—it makes you 23. So... stop saying it makes you feel old.

17 Absolutely True Theories on What Will Happen in the ‘Entourage’ Movie

Bros. BROS. BROS. If you missed the big news yesterday, Warner Brothers gave the green light for the movie version of "Entourage" after years of speculation. I

Just In Case You Went to College to Learn, These are the 15 Best Colleges For Undergraduates

There's a lot of factors that go into choosing a college. Our own Andy Moore recently a hell of a job outlining some of the

The 11 Most Surprising Names on GQ’s ‘The 100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century’ List

After dropping a cover story with Beyoncé last week, GQ dropped it's list of The 100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century, which appears in

Our 10 Most Popular Posts About Hot Girls in 2012

As we prepare to close out 2012, let's take a look back at our most popular posts about one of our favorite subjects: Hot chicks. 

Ranking the 20 Best Uniforms of 2012

The world of sports may be stratospheres apart from the fashion industry, but in many ways, they are one and the same. How else can you

80s and 90s Sports Swag That Needs to Make a Comeback

Thanks to the vintage sports look coming back recently, we have a couple items we'd really love to see back on shelves that got lost

5 Reasons Modern Life Is Driving Manliness to Extinction

Among the many, many complaints old people have about the modern world, one of the most common is that there are no "real men" anymore.

8 Things the Royal Zygote Already Has That You Never Will

Kate Middleton is preggers and it’s already getting way too much attention from the media. As a matter of fact, me writing this article right

What a Girl’s Facebook Profile Pic Says About Her

A profile picture says a lot about character, similar to how a guy who wears Asics with jeans to a bar is likely still a

The 12 Worst College Towns In the United States

How about a completely meaningless yet sort of interesting list? Gathering thousands of student opinions, the Princeton Review compiled a list of the worst college

7 Things Parents Will Never Understand

I’m an only child (or I was, I guess. Now I’m just an awkward adult). Contrary to popular belief, being my parents’ sole offspring did

The 7 Most Annoying Text Messages To Receive

I’ve had a cell phone long enough to see the whole lifespan of texting. It started with me clicking three times on a number to

5 Reasons Why Basements Are the Sh*t

I fled the nest a while ago.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely nest; I just got tired of being questioned about why