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Lisa Ann Expertly Explains The Difference Between Hookers And Porn Stars


Sometimes you scroll through your Twitter feed and you find something that screams "CLICK ME, MOTHERFUCKER.

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Lisa Ann Dethroned As Queen Of Pornhub By Newcomer


"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

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Get Ready To Have Your Heart Completely Shattered Because Lisa Ann, Your Favorite Porn Star, Is Officially Retiring

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If your heart wasn’t immediately broken after reading that title then you either have no soul or haven’t seen Lisa Ann in action.

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Porn Star Lisa Ann Is Begging For Cox… To Take It Easy On Her Cowboys This Sunday


Scintillating porn star Lisa Ann is no stranger to athletes.


Notre Dame WR Justin Brent Has Moved On From Lisa Ann, Right Into The Waiting Butt Of A Booty Model

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The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are 7-5 this year but their wide receiver wide receiver Justin Brent is 2-0 in the dating category.

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Lisa Ann Explains Why She Thought It Necessary To Publicly Shame Michael Del Zotto


Adult film actress and sports enthusiast Lisa Ann took to Twitter this past weekend to set fire to Michael Del Zotto, a Philadelphia Flyers defenseman.

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Darren Rovell Is A NARC, Tweets Notre Dame’s Sexual Code Of Conduct RE: Justin Brent Sleeping With Lisa Ann

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Every Bro in the world is collectively high-fiving Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent about maybe/probably sleeping with porn star/college football fan Lisa Ann.

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Notre Dame WR Justin Brent Took A Selfie In Bed With Porn Star Lisa Ann


Remember the photo above that we showed you of Lisa Ann sitting on the lap of Notre Dame’s Justin Brent.

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