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Darren Rovell Is A NARC, Tweets Notre Dame’s Sexual Code Of Conduct RE: Justin Brent Sleeping With Lisa Ann

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Every Bro in the world is collectively high-fiving Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent about maybe/probably sleeping with porn star/college football fan Lisa Ann.

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Notre Dame WR Justin Brent Took A Selfie In Bed With Porn Star Lisa Ann


Remember the photo above that we showed you of Lisa Ann sitting on the lap of Notre Dame’s Justin Brent.

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Adult Film Star Lisa Ann Took a College Freshman to the AVN Awards, He Looks Happy


If you recall, Matt McGann is the Oklahoma State freshman who famously compared Baylor's defense to Lisa Ann with a College GameDay sign for the ages.

Lisa Ann

P*rn Star Lisa Ann To Have Her Front Door Turned Into a Fleshlight


According to our friends at ZZ Insider adult entertainment star Lisa Ann is adding her name to the list of ladies with an immortalized vag*na.

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