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James Franklin Is Slowly Morphing Into a Lion


Bro In Dubai Just Driving Down the Road When Suddenly A FREAKIN’ LION Appears In the Backseat of an SUV

Yes, a FREAKIN’ LION just chillin’ in the back of this Nissan Armada. All I can think of is how Dante from Grandma’s […]

South African Bro Captures Amazing GoPro Footage of Lions Because He’s Best Friends with Them

This is so badass. Kevin Richardson is known as "The Lion Whisperer" and has a pretty unreal relationship with these big, beautiful cats. GoPro gave him a

Calvin Johnson Snow Face Is Everything Great About the Eagles-Lions Game In a Nutshell

I think there's a football game going on in Philadelphia? Can't be sure, based off the incredible snow game images Fox is broadcasting. It's without

Photographer Bros Take Epic Close-Up Photos of Wild Lions with ‘Beetle Cam’

This is kind of geeky and not really the typical kind of post we do around here, but these photos are too amazing not

Watch the Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Scream ‘Boom! Mother F*cker!’ After Winning In OT

What an incredible win this afternoon for Detroit in OT against the Vikings. Here's Jim Schwartz coming through with the game-winning coach reaction

An Egyptian Man Fights a Lion in the Most Boring Man vs. Lion Cage Match You’ll Witness Today

Props to Al-Sayed al-Essawy, an Egyptian "strongman" for having the balls big enough to get in a cage with a lion. However, if you're expecting

VIDEO: Bryan McCann Scores TD on a Wild 97-Yard Punt Return

Could Week 11 possibly be any weirder? Bryan McCann better be counting his lucky stars that this punt took a golden bounce AWAY from the