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Jeremy Lin Has a Freakish Lump on His Forehead Thanks to Kevin Love’s Elbow

Jeremy Lin doesn’t inspire the same insanity that he once did, but he’s still doing newsworthy things. For instance, he has grotesque lumps form on

There’s a Linsanity Movie, And Here’s the Trailer

Looking back in stone-cold soberness, it’s easy to see that we perhaps let Linsanity get out of control. The guy had, like, 40 days of

Jeremy Lin Returns to Madison Square Garden, Linsanity Strikes Yet Again

It was just like old times last night at Madison Square Garden as Jeremy Lin turned in a spectacular performance for the New York crowd.

Linsanity! Jeremy Lin Shot Wide-Open Airball to Lose Last Night’s Game

Despite a less-than-stellar lineup (save that tremendous backcourt) the Houston Rockets rallied from 17 back last night to almost top a Miami Heat team that

‘Jeremy Lin that I Used to Know’: An Expected, but Funny Parody

Jeremy Lin's departure to the Houston Rockets is hitting Knicks fans hard today. Most of the emotions have been anger directed at owner James Dolan,

Watch Iman Shumpert’s Vicious Dunk Over Kevin Garnett, Plus More Highlights from Celtics-Knicks

Rajon Rondo went completely nuts in the Celtics' 118-115 overtime win over the Knicks on Sunday, putting up a ridiculous 18 points (7-for-20 but still),

Presenting a Jeremy Lin Parody Video That Actually Made Me Laugh

This video shatters the long-held perception that all Jeremy Lin parody videos need to be terrible. And it’s about time, because the supply

Shameless Female New York Knicks Fan Wants Jeremy ‘LINside’ Her (Pic)

This classy sign comes to us via Deadspin. Surely her parents are so proud. Another career day for Jeremy Lin,  who scored 28 points and

Meet the Man Who Knew About Linsanity Before the Rest of Us

Few could have predicted Jeremy Lin's meteoric rise to popularity, both in New York City and across the world. The Harvard-educated point guard, the first