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Seeing Footprints in the Sand Reminded John Calipari of Something Pretty Crazy

A beautiful mind.

Kentucky Football Player Says His Weight Fluctuates Because He Poops So Often

Everybody does it.

The Ultimate Guide to Dirty Jokes Hidden Inside Cartoons

Turns out Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, and Dexter's Laboratory were WAYYYYYY raunchier than you ever thought as a kid.

Is Peyton Manning a Better Dancer Than Tom Brady?

Who is truly elite?

Cool, So, Someone Is Making Furniture Designed to Look Like Human Skin

Because the world isn't creepy enough already.

Baseball Players Keep Getting Revenge on Hecklers


Do You Like GIFs of Arianny Celeste Getting Tickled?

Of course you do! More pics of Ariaany Celeste below...

Drunk Guy Tries to Lecture Cops on Civil Rights at a Baseball Game, Isn’t Entirely Convincing

Chill, Bro.

7 Tips for Not Screwing Up College

College is the greatest time in your life, but only if you screw it up. It's meant to be the greatest time in your life

4 Reasons Porn Stars Are Nothing Like You Think

HEY! Let's take a closer look at people who are probably distracting you from work with sexual fantasies in an incognito browser window:

8 Awkward Moments of Internet Anxiety

It can happen to you.

Looking to Join a Premier League Team’s Bandwagon? Here’s a Handy Guide

Hop aboard.

ESPN Reporter Chris Broussard Confirms LeBron James Wrote a Letter, A Huge Scoop for Sure

Worthy of a Pulitzer.

Well, This is What Prince Fielder Looks Like Naked

Not as bad as you think?

Huge Bra Scandal Rocks Wimbledon

Uh oh.

The Lies Athletes Tell

How many times have we heard someone say "It's not about the money..."

New Miss USA Nia Sanchez Could Probably Kick Your Ass

Hi there.

The 10 Craziest “Roll Tides” in History


Andray Blache Has a Hookah Shaped Like an AK-47

Quality item.

Yasiel Puig Made the Catch of the Year — So Far


6 Ways You’re About to Get Screwed by the Job Market

When you graduate from this world you may find the job market is... difficult.

Watch L.A. Dodgers Players Smack Some Schoolchildren Around in Dodgeball

It was kind of like that famous SNL skit with Peyton Manning nailing children in the face.

This Rugby Hit Hurts Just to Watch


5 Amazing Math Tricks That Will Help You Win All the Bar Bets

While unlikely to impress all but the most ardent Big Bang Theory watcher on a first date, these tricks are pretty cool.

The 16 Most Polarizing People in Sports

Yes, Johnny Manziel makes this list.

20 Most Insanely Stupid Plays in Sports History

Like 80% of this list could have been Javale McGee plays.

116 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

Remember the pussy-copter? Very 2012 Internet. Very strange.

How Badly Did the Clippers Get Screwed Last Night?

Those calls?

7 Movies Based on a True Story That Are Shockingly Full of Crap

Argo? More like Ar-go-fuck-your-fake-ass-script.

The 20 Most Hilarious Sports Quotes Ever

Sports was never supposed to be so serious.

4 Things That Would Make Meeting New People Less Awkward

Meeting new people is a frightening process.

Who Had the Best and Worst Walk-Up Songs on Draft Day?

Last night was the first draft in history where players got to choose their own songs.

Charles Barkley Thinks San Antonio Has Too Many Fat Women

Hot take.

6 Insane Sex Myths (That Are Actually True)

It turns out that some of those ridiculous sex myths turned out to be terrifyingly close to the truth.

The 20 Dumbest Excuses Athletes Have Ever Given

Never forget that when uber-meathead Brian Cushing once tested positive for a banned substance...

Kanye West Actually Looks Pretty Nice While Listening to an Aspiring Rapper Perform

It could have been a bad moment.

5 Times Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Won The Internet

Friday was the Rock's 42nd birthday.

20 Athletes Lifting a Stupid Amount of Weight

Do you even watch athletes lifting, bro?

4 TV Shows You Loved That Were a Nightmare Behind the Scenes

Wait a second. DUSTIN DIAMOND was the douchebag bully on Saved by the Bell?

This GIF of a Girl Taking Her Shirt Off Is the New Hottest GIF Ever

Just another day at the office for our Bros at The Chive...