Girl DESTROYS A Douchebag Who Texted Her An Unsolicited Dick Pic


  You have to be a real jerk to text a girl a dick pic right out of the gate.

crazy stories

This Bro Drank So Much Soda As A Kid That His Veins Collapsed


Here's a little cautionary tale before you have that afternoon Diet Coke.

Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl Prop Bets You Can Make On The Commercials


With all those eyeballs glued to the television screen, advertisers know that the Super Bowl is a brand's prime opportunity to make an impression.

movie mistakes

The Biggest Screw Ups Ever Made In Sports Movies


Any movie that's based on a true story is tough to make, but good luck finding a single sports movie that nails every piece of factual information.

yik yak

Hate Yik Yak And Anonymous Gossip Sites All You Want, But They Won’t Go Away


Our friends at Huffington Post College did a history of anonymous college gossip sites like Yik Yak, Juicy Campus, and Collegiate ABC.

sports mysteries

5 NFL-Related Mystery Suggestions For The Next Season Of ‘Serial’


Who would have guessed that the most thrilling show of 2014 would be a podcast.

best sports tweets

The Greatest Sports Tweets Of 2014 Show Social Media Was The Real MVP


We are closing in on the end of another memorable and eventful year in sports.

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