leonardo dicaprio

A Brief, Yet Fascinating History Of Leonardo Dicaprio’s Greatest Sports Moments


November 11th marked the 40th birthday of Leonardo Dicaprio – actor, producer, environmentalist, Oscar winner (oh wait…) and sports enthusiast.


Bro Imagines What It’d Be Like To Match With Taylor Swift On Tinder


I have to imagine that Taylor Swift secretly has a Tinder account.


The 5 Most Important Things They Never Taught You in Sex Ed


"When you open the condom package in the heat of the moment, do you always carefully examine the product to make sure it has a reservoir tip, and if not, pinch the tip, leaving approximately one half-inch space in which sperm can collect.

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Ranking Every NBA Team By Its Celebrity Fans… Sorry, Jazz Fans


While every team in sports has fans, the NBA is well-known for having some of the most famous fans in all of American sports.


The Most Controversial Sports Uniform Decisions in the Past 5 Years


What's up with everyone having the midnight gray uniforms in college football these days.

bad music

Make It Stop: The 8 Worst Songs Ever Written About Sports


Attaching sports to anything is a sure-fire way to make it seem a little cheesy.

sports fans

Thing in Sports That Will Shave Years Off Your Life


I had no less than four separate heart attacks during the Penn State/Philadelphia Eagles games this week.

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