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Let’s Celebrate Tan Line Season With Some Pictures

Nothing wrong with some tan lines.

A Squirrel Caused $300,000 Worth of Damage in One Building

A mischievous bastard.

The 16 Sickest Sports Jukes, Shakes and Crossovers in Sports History

So shifty.

VIDEO: 2 Chainz Makes It Rain on Upside-Down Strippers

2 Chainz does what 2 Chainz wants.

Celebrities and Their Historical Dopplegangers (20 Photos)

These people have been on the Earth before.

Police in Virginia Bust Gigantic Teen Sexting Ring

Teens. Always with the sexting.

How Drunk You Are, Based on the Dance Move You’re Using

Booze gives us all a case of Saturday Night Fever.

A Photo Collection of Bad Girls Bending and Snapping

Yea they do.

This Guy Plays Guitar While Karate-Chopping Through Flaming Bricks

This is some Jimi Hendricks-type shit.

15 Sports Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Sports 2.0

This Boston Marathon Tribute Video Will Give You Chills


Cute Girls Taking Car Selfies Will Drive Us Into the Future

I would ride shotgun with these ladies any day of the week.

22 Things Only People Who Played Little League Will Remember

23. Dying of heatstroke

4 Famous People Who Get Away With Being Total Hypocrites

We all are, to some extent. But these people are famous, so screw them.

Man With 132-Pound Scrotum Dies At 49

This is sad. He was a hero to us all.

Fictional Sports Toys We Would Kill For

Of course, the hoverboard is on this. The hoverboard will always be on this.

In Honor of That Taylor Swift Picture, Here Are 36 More Pictures of Girls With Gorgeous Legs

Tay was great. These girls, though, are just as good.

Man Wearing Only Thong Stole Batman Costume, Pranced Around, Police Say

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na PANTIES

5 Brain Disorders That Started as Evolutionary Advantages

This is actually a really cool read.

The 14 Most Brutal ‘Game of Thrones’ Deaths, Presented a 8-Bit GIFs

If you love Game of Thrones and old-school video games, these are a delight to watch.

35 Photos of Girls in Lingerie to End Your Weekend on a High Note

Girls are sexy. And never more so than when they are trying to look sexy. So let’s look at them, [...]

The Most Crush-Worthy Women in Sports

If you are going to fall in love, this list is as good a place as any to start. And [...]

42 Photos of Hot Girls Posing in Front of Mirrors

I could give a reason why, but it would be wasting your (and my) time. And time is a precious [...]

Torz Reynolds Slices Off Tattoo Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Name, Mails Skin To Him (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

There is an extremely graphic photo if you click this link. So do so at your own peril. Torz Reynolds [...]

The Best Prop and Gimmick Dunks in Slam Dunk Contest History

You like dunks; I like dunks. Let’s watch YouTube videos of great dunks together. CLICK TO WATCH: The Best Prop and [...]

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Models Have Made A Glorious In-Flight Safety Video

This will have your belts unbuckled and your dicks in a full and upright position. And don’t guess us started [...]

The Difference Between Being Drunk And Being CLASSY

It’s a fine line you are walking, but with the right advice, you can pretend to be much classier than [...]

The Olympic Dorms in Sochi Look Really, Really Shitty

Like, I had better housing options my freshman year. And with fewer people in one room. CLICK TO READ: Canadian [...]

Two Hot Girls Are Better Than One (45 Photos)

Who are we to disagree with that logic?

Man Buried Astride His Motorcycle Inside Enormous Plexiglass Box, Riding Beloved Harley To Heaven

To each their own, I guess, but no. This is weird. 

5 Worst People To Have At Your Super Bowl Party

Number 6. Your parents. 

Some Sexy Stretching Photos of Really Flexible Girls? Yeeaaa.

While yoga pants are most definitely in, it's what you do in them that counts. 

Naked Man Walks Into A Bar With A Bag Of Sex Toys, Asks, ‘What’s The Problem?’

This is the start of a joke. 

15 Sports Videos That Will Get You Ridiculously Amped

If these videos don't get you amped enough to punch a wall, you might not have a soul. 

How to Get Kicked out of Sporting Events

We've all gotten thrown out of sporting events. These are the best ways to go. 

Sexy Selfie Sunday Is Here! (It’s Sexy Selfies of Hot Girls)

This is something I just invented. On Sunday, we look at sexy selfies. 

Alabama Sorority Girl Shits in Guy’s Bedroom After Not Getting Laid

I guess you could say she was mad as ... shit at him. But fair warning, if you scroll any further you are gonna see

7 Tricks for Looking Like a Grown Man and Not a Stupid Teen Baby

Let's face it. You are an adult. Act like one.

Did This Hunter Kill Bigfoot?

This time its for real. 

Top 10 Weird News Stories 2013

2013 was one fucked up year. It had dick church. Remember dick church? It's the church that looks like a dick.