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According to Science, Lesbians Have More Orgasms Than Straight Women

Why would you even bother being straight?

What Are the Worst Uniforms in Sports Right Now?

Poor Tampa Bay.

What Are 12 Reasons Someone Might Be Attracted to You?

13. You are a stud.

The 25 Sickest Toys Rich Athletes Have Bought

The rich are better than you and me. Socially better.

Woman’s Boyfriend Jailed, So She Steals Four Dollars Worth of Wine to Be With Him

Just some hot Charles Shaw.

Bad Ass Little Child Defeats Alligator in Fight

The nine-year-old fought off a nine-foot gator

What Current Sports Stories Would Make the Best Movies?

We need to have Hollywood work in real-time. 

This Fucking Dude Thinks He’s Cool Because He Eats Ramen With His Beard


15 Athletes Who Got Paid Way Too Much Money

Albert Haynesworth. Forever and always.

Mother Discovers Son Is Dead After Smelling His Decomposing Body

Talk about terrible.

Cool, So, Someone Is Making Furniture Designed to Look Like Human Skin

Because the world isn't creepy enough already.

Sexy Lingerie Is a Sexy Way to End Sunday Night

And a drink.

The New York Times Calls For the Legalization of Marijuana.


24 Cool Fucking Facts About the Universe


Study Says Men Should Do Kegel Exercises, Too

Don't laugh. It'll improve your sex life.

Genius Woman Steals Dress, Posts Selfie Online, Gets Arrested

Classic oversharer.

22 Athletes Who Need to Stop Hanging Out With Justin Bieber

Because he sucks.

Dead Body Falls Out Of Coroner Van, Lands On Road

The incident occurred in Pennsylvania.

Who Are the 12 Worst Athletes on Social Media?

You aren't so great yourself, you know.

Pablo Escobar’s Old Hippopotamuses Are Having Too Much Sex

It's getting out of hand.

An Australian Man Made a Sick, Working Batmobile

A dream come true.

Drone Captures Massive Yacht Fire As $24 Million Boat Is Engulfed In Flames (VIDEO)

It's strangely therapeutic

Hey Look, It’s the World’s Ugliest Dog

It looks like your mom.

Sunday Is a Good Day for Lingerie (31 Photos)

Let's end the week with something easy on the eyes.

Man Sues Hospital After Surgery Shortens His Penis

He's rightfully upset

15 Things You Never Knew About LeBron James

The best athlete in the world is also pretty interesting.

How an Elderly War Vet Became a Drug Mule

He was 87 years old at the time of his arrest.

Sometimes Glasses Make Girls Look Even Hotter

Smart hotties? Smart hotties.

10 Best Track and Field Fails of All Time

More like... wait for it... Track and Fail

50 Photos of Beautiful Butts in Form-Fitting Workout Clothes

Sharing hot selfies is caring.

Just a Bear. Chilling. In a Hammock.

As a bear does.

Science Explains Why Bacon Smells Amazing

You love. I love it. Science loves it.

We’re About To Learn A Lot More About Area 51

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Why Red Lipstick Is the Best, a Photo Essay

It's a hell of a lot better than green.

What Major League Baseball Players Do Social Media Best?

This is a different kind of Instagram than Doc Gooden liked.

Forget Everything You Know, Socks With Sandals Are Cool Again

Well I'll be damned.

Pictures of Hot Girls In Bed Are How We Are Ending This Weekend


30 Worst Drake Sports Fanboy Moments

He's the worst front-runner ever.

Today in Russia: Vladimir Putin Dominates a Hockey Game

Obama could never do this.

Sunday Is a Good Day to Look at Ladies in Lingerie

Really, every day is a good day to do it. But today's Sunday.