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Lingerie Football Player Celebrates Touchdown With Frosty Cold Beer

Great thirst-quencher.

Rate This Kinky Lingerie Football Entrance

I am embarrassed at how oddly hot I find this. 

The Lingerie Football League’s ‘Bitch Slap Heard Around the World’

More web gems from the Lingerie Football League's Canadian league. This week Toronto Triumph's Petshauna "The Locomotive" Pinnock lands a huge slap on Saskatoon Sirens'

Lingerie Football League Practices Filled with Slobberknockers

Last month, we learned that the Lingerie Football League was suspending operations. Did that depressing news spawn a world-class bender? You betcha. But

The Lingerie Football League Has a ‘Hard Knocks’ Knock-Off

We've said it before and we'll say it again: We're really not sure who cares about the Lingerie Football League. Still, it seems to be

Ex-Packer Gilbert Brown is Under the Impression That Playing Lingerie Football is Some Women’s Dream

Gilbert Brown should write a book on how to forge-on in the face of adversity. I'm not even basing that on his inspirational