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Hot Lindsey Duke and Her Hot Friends Took Hot Photos Under the Hot Summer Sun

Wonder if Lindsey has a token fat friend who they make sit on the sidelines during these photo shoots?

Soon-To-Be NFL WAGs Lindsey Duke and Kacie McDonnell Took a Photo Together and PLEASE GOD GIVE US MORE

Humina humina humina...

Just Lindsey Duke Chugging a Flabongo, Because Lindsey Duke Is Awesome

Lindsey Duke's spring break fun continues, most recently being pictured pounding a Flabongo on her cruise ship. What a champ.

Lindsey Duke and Matthew Stafford’s Hot Girlfriend Kelly Hall In Bikini Together on Spring Break

Yesterday we told you about Lindsey Duke's spring break bikini-Fest down in Mexico.

Blake Bortles’ Girlfriend Lindsey Duke Is Posting Bikini Pics from Spring Break in Mexico

Judging by her Instagram, Blake Bortles’ girlfriend Lindsey Duke appears to be in Cozumel, Mexico for Spring Break.

Reminder: UCF QB’s Girlfriend Lindsey Duke Is Hot, Has Tremendous Instagram Game to Prove It

We've posted about the absolutely beautiful Lindsey Duke in the past, but figure why not throw out a reminder for those of you watching UCF-Baylor at

Lindsey Duke is a College Football WAG You Should Know About

Isn’t it totally weird how college quarterbacks seem to score really good-looking girlfriends? It’s quite a coincidence.