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Lindsay Lohan Got So Incredibly Wet Last Night…

...Because Jimmy Fallon helped her do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Do Anything This Weekend

She is done partying, I guess.

Wanna Know What Lindsay Lohan Has To Say About Her Leaked Sex List? Okay, Here You Go.

Cutting-edge "news" reports here, people.

Dude, Lindsay Lohan Totally Wants to Get Down Right Now

You can see it in her eyes.

Lindsay Lohan Thinks J.K. Rowling Will Help Her Write a Book About All the Celebs She’s Banged


We Haven’t Posted a Photo of Lindsay Lohan in a Bikini in Like Four Hours. Let’s Change That

Just, reporting the news, man.

Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Instagram Ends the Talk About Whether You’d Sleep With Her


Lindsay Lohan’s Getting All Emo on Insta, Prolly Cause You Won’t Have Sex With Her


Still on the Fence About Doing Lindsay Lohan? Let This Picture Persuade You.

It's delightful.

Look, Alls I’m Saying Is, If Push Came to Shove, You’d Do Lindsay Lohan

Speaking hypothetically.

A Deluded Lindsay Lohan Is Suing The Makers Of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Because A Game Character Is MAYBE Based On Her

Oh LiLo, just stick with the cocaine and leave video games alone.

Jennifer Lawrence Fucks For All Her Roles… Says Lindsay Lohan

LiLo would know.

Joan Rivers Drops Dead Baby Jokes About Lindsay Lohan, Gives Zero Fucks

Joan Rivers is a National Treasure.

Lindsay Lohan Maybe Didn’t Have a Miscarriage After All

But she always seemed so trustworthy.

Lindsay Lohan Says She Had a Miscarriage During Her Reality Show

During the finale of Lindsay Lohan's OWN show Sunday night, she revealed to the cameras that she had a miscarriage during the show.

Lindsay Lohan Explains Why She Wrote Her ‘Fuck List’

Hot mess Lindsay Lohan’s list of sexual conquests hit the Internet a couple weeks ago, causing everyone to “oooo” and […]

Here’s Lindsay Lohan Showing Up Late for a $100K Appearance and Just Generally Being Awful

Lindsay Lohan's new show is a mostly unwatchable train wreck, and it's all the main character's fault.

Lindsay Lohan and McKayla Maroney Highlight the Hottest Girls of the Week

It's all the best hotties in this week's Hottie Index.

Lindsay Lohan’s New Photo Shoot With Terry Richardson Reminds Us That Lindsay Lohan REALLY Likes to Smoke

No one on earth loves being photographed more, while ripping heaters, than Lindsay fucking Lohan.

Here’s a GIF of Lindsay Lohan Pole Dancing On Her OWN Show

Last week we showed you two titillating GIFs from Lindsay Lohan's OWN show.

Oh My… This GIF Of Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs From Her ‘Oprah’ Show Is Tremendous

Lindsay Lohan is so hot right now...

This GIF of Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Is a Reminder That You Would Definitely Still Bang Lindsay Lohan

In case you didn't know, Lindsay Lohan's reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network is in full-swing.

More A-Listers From Lindsay Lohan’s Celebrity Sex List are Revealed

Remember all those crossed-off names on Lindsay Lohan's celebrity sex list which looked as if it were penned on a Scattergories answer sheet?

Is This a List of All the Celebrities Lindsay Lohan Has Hooked-Up With?

Did Lindsay Lohan just pull a Karen Owen?

Jimmy Fallon Had a Wet T-Shirt Contest with Lindsay Lohan

Last night Lindsay Lohan was on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to talk about her new reality show with Oprah and how great life is, yada

Paris Hilton’s Brother Assaulted in Hit Ordered by Lindsay Lohan

Wait... what?

You’ll Never Believe Why Lindsay Lohan Is Planning on Suing Rockstar Games Over GTA V

Does the name "Poppy Mitchell" ring a bell? Apparently Lindsay's not so happy about the part where Poppy gets bent over a railed... Art imitate life

This Week’s Hottie Index is Low on Hijinks, but High on Looks

We have a saying here at the Hottie Index. When in doubt about what to cover, focus on the looks.

Lindsay Lohan Is Just Posting Topless Photos to Instagram Now

Lindsay Lohan must be feeling neglected so last night she did pretty much what we’ve all been waiting for: posted a topless photo to Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan Says She Only Did Coke Only 10 Times, Talks Boozing and Adderall with Oprah

Well, 10 - 15 times... Uh... Do you believe her? 

Lindsay Lohan to Appear on Next Season of ‘Eastbound & Down’

Lindsay Lohan—fresh off a nude turn in The Canyons—is currently filming the next season of Eastbound & Down in North Carolina. You're not going to

Lindsay Lohan Topless Pics Hit the Web

Are you interested in seeing Lindsay Lohan naked? Good news! Lindsay Lohan nude pics have hit the Internet. For all you people interested in seeing

Top 10 Celebrity Downfalls of All Time

I don’t do mainstream media. Not because I’m one of those conspiracy theorist wackjobs, but because it’s boring. Every time you

Lindsay Lohan Is In Trouble Again

At this point she's just paying her lawyer a retainer fee, right?

Lindsay Lohan Went On ‘Letterman’ Last Night, Predictable Awkwardness and Tears Ensued

I don't know what I was expecting when I turned on CBS and saw Lindsay Lohan sitting there talking to David Letterman, but what I

Rate Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Mugshot, Her 6th Mugshot

For the many of you out there who lost count a long time ago, this is mugshot number six. She pleaded "no contest" on Monday to

The 5 Most Unlikable Female Celebrities

Have you ever been clicking around the nets and you come to some story about Taylor Swift or Lindsay Lohan and think to yourself “how

Lindsay Lohan Was Glitterbombed On Her Way To Court Today

Lindsay Lohan's trial is in full-swing and TMZ's covering all the hysteria. As she walked in the L.A. Courthouse 48 minutes late, Lilo got gliterrbombed

Lindsay Lohan Is a Hooker Now, Apparently

Well, sort of, but you're not going to deny that headline didn't just cause you to click are you?

The 20 Sexiest Fictional Strippers

What is the difference between a stripper and a fictional stripper? Both real strippers and those actresses portraying them on the big screen share similar