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Lindsay Lohan Implies She Handled Whitney Houston’s Dead Body; Coroner Calls Bullshit


Lindsay Lohan and the truth have long been at odds with one another, but this latest report in which it seems like Lindsay Lohan implied that she handled Whitney Houston's dead body while performing community service at the Los Angeles County Deptartment of Coroner might be her pièce de résistance.


Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing (No, This Is A NEW Story)


(cut) Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing (paste) again, only this time she allegedly did it digitally.

gq men of the year awards

The 11 Sexiest Ladies to Walk the GQ Men of the Year Awards Red Carpet


The British version of the GQ Men of the Year Awards took place whatever time it was in the UK yesterday evening and as is always the case with events like this many beautiful women appeared on the red carpet.

Lindsay Lohan ice bucket challenge

Who wants to see Lindsay Lohan get soaked with a bucket of ice water on national TV?


The answer, amazingly, is pretty much everyone, which explains why Lindsay Lohan showed up on The Tonight Show last night to take the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Lindsay Lohan

The 1995 Jell-O commercial Lindsay Lohan and Bill Cosby don’t want people to see


Bill Cosby and Lindsay Lohan did a Jell-O commercial together back in 1995 and this is where all her issues began.

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