Lindsay Lohan Is FINALLY Getting Better At Photoshop, But You Can Still See Where She Edited Her Newest Photo


I genuinely like Lindsay Lohan and have been pulling for her to make a comeback for years now, but unfortunately it looks like she’s been putting her efforts into learning how to Photoshop her Instagram photos rather than becoming a better actress.


This Is What Lindsay Lohan Looks Like Without Makeup On And DAMN Does She Look So Much Hotter


Lindsay Lohan is known for doing lots and lots of cocaine in her youth, having red hair and for being embarrassingly bad at Photoshopping her Instagram photos.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Selfie Has Such Awful Photoshop That She Deleted The Tweet…So Here It Is!


Sorry Lindsay, but the Internet is forever just like diamonds and the 6 microdimples you get every time you eat a Krispy Kreme donut.


Lindsay Lohan Decided To Test Instagram’s ‘No Boobs’ Policy With A Revealing New Photo


Lindsay Lohan, always willing to go that extra mile on social media.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Tried To ‘Break The Internet’ In A See-Through Top, Internet Remains Unbroken

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Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan posted a cleavage-baring photo to her always entertaining social media accounts.

bad girls

The Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad, Because Who Doesn’t Love A Bad Girl?


I'm not sure how exactly one goes about ranking celebrity good girls gone bad, but the folks over at WatchMojo certainly gave it their best shot.


If I Could Describe This Lindsay Lohan Photo Shoot In One Word, It Would Be Crotch-Spreading


Lindsay Lohan's crotch is spread far and wide in this photo shoot with Hunger Magazine.

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