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Is Lindsay Lohan Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos So She Doesn’t Look Fat? Yes, Yes She Is

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On Sunday our very own David Covucci took it upon himself to muster up the courage to explore the greasy dumpster fire that is Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram account.

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Lindsay Lohan Poses On All Fours, Shares Sexy Bikini Pic Because She’s Cool Like That


Lindsay Lohan may be suffering from an incurable virus called Chikungunya, but that didn't stop her from posting a sexy photo of herself on all fours while reportedly on a recent vacation from her usual of doing pretty much nothing.

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Lindsay Lohan Breaks Out The ‘Mean Girls’ Christmas Dance For Sexy New Holiday Video


After getting a little off track over the weekend with Pamela Anderson and ugh, Kris Jenner, Love magazine's advent calendar video series has righted the ship this week with Emily Ratajkowski yesterday and as we speculated when sharing Hailey Baldwin's video, Lindsay Lohan today.

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Lindsay Lohan Has Her Own Video Game Now Called ‘The Price of Fame’


No, Lindsay Lohan's new video game doesn't involve being arrested multiple times and finding a way to, almost without fail, manage to stay out of jail, but it is called Lindsay Lohan's The Price of Fame, which at first glance sounds an awful lot like the massive-selling app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

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