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How To Be A Rapper

You've always wanted the money, the whips, the hoes, but you never knew how to be a famous rapper. We'll show you how.

Lil Wayne Announces Release Date for Carter V! JK He’s Too High and Has No Idea

I wanna say drugs were a factor here.

Listen to ‘D’usse,’ Lil Wayne’s Latest Single from the ‘Carter V’

If this is indeed Lil Wayne's last album (NOTE: it's probably not), then at least he's going out with a bang.

Lil Wayne Brings Drake on Nice Comeback Jam ‘Believe Me’

Lil Wayne hasn't left the public consciousness over the past six or so years.

Lil Wayne Tried to FIGHT Marcos Maidana’s Trainer, Because Lil Wayne Is a Clown

Lil Wayne, you're an embarrassment, Bro...

English Teacher Suspended for Using Lil Wayne Lyrics to Teach Figurative Language

A middle school English teacher was suspended for having her students read the lyrics to a Lil Wayne song and underline all his usage of

Drake as Lil’ Wayne as Steve Urkel Won ‘Saturday Night Live’ Last Night

Saturday Night Live spoofed the BET show Before They Were Stars last night, resulting in the best sketch of the show. 

Busta Rhymes Has a New Jam With Kanye West, Q-Tip and Lil’ Wayne Because Busta Rhymes is the Illest

Well, this will be stuck in your head all day. 

Listen to Busta, Kayne, Lil Wayne, and Q-Tip Kill the New Song ‘Thank You’

This is pretty great. Busta Rhymes brought together an unlikely group—Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Kanye West (and hey weren't their crews just beefing?)—for a seven-verse marathon called "Thank

20 Tweets That Show Why ‘Lil Wayne Raps Like’ Is the World’s Best Parody Account

Most parody accounts suck. Since its inception on October 8th, "Lil Wayne Raps Like" has not sucked. And by lampooning Weezy's increasingly off-the-wall, pun-heavy punchlines, the account manages

Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne’s New Video for ‘Good Time’ Is a Musical Car Crash


Lil Wayne Is the Star Of Paris Hilton’s New EDM Song

Is this real life? Everything is meaningless, including Lil Wayne's pre-2009 career accomplishments. Here's his verse on Paris Hilton's EDM "bangerz!!!": "I'm f**ked up ... I

Listen to Lil Wayne’s Latest Mixtape ‘Dedication 5’

Lil Wayne will probably never again reach the heights attained in the year around the release of Dedication 2, his 2006 mixtape so good that it

Bro at a Lil Wayne Concert In Oklahoma City Is Definitely Trippin’ Out on Drugs

Maybe his face was just being melted off by the mind-blowing music? Is that what Lil Wayne concerts do to your face these days?

Lil Wayne Spotted Walking All Over American Flag In ‘God Bless Amerika’ Music Video

If you want to make a patriotic American really, really mad, all you have to do is trample on Betsy Ross's sacred symbol of our

Watch Jay Pharoah Kill a Lil Wayne Impression

This is the best impression Jay Pharoah has ever done. Stay for the "dick in the wasp nest."

TI and Lil Wayne Release the Video for Their New Collab ‘Wit Me’

New school rap has placed these guys in a weird middle ground. Rap equivalent of an elder superstar--definitely a few more years left in the

Lil Wayne Is Back In the Hospital Again

Get well soon, Weezy.

Lil Wayne Blows Up on Trick Daddy at a Strip Club

Uh-oh: Weezy's mad. 

Lil Wayne Admits He Almost Died During Stint in Hospital

In an interview with Los Angeles' Power 106 yesterday, Lil Wayne elaborated on what the hell brought about that near-death experience at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center two

Limp Bizkit’s Comeback Song is the Worst Thing You’ll Hear Today

Awwwwww, yeah—break out the wallet chains, put on the JNCO jeans, and turn that red cap backward, ya'll. LIMP BIZKIT IS BACK. Freddy D and

The 7 Dumbest Ways to Get High

Last Friday, news of Lil Wayne’s Sizzurp  overdose nearly broke the Internet. Amongst the rumors and misspelled condolence tweets were the obligatory “Explaining Sizzurp to

Lil Wayne Reportedly in Critical Condition After Seizure

Rapper Lil Wayne was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital last night after suffering a seizure and placed in an induced coma, according to a

McDonalds Customer Who ‘Got Money, Bitch,’ Has a Rather Thrilling Tirade

And you know it. (Take it out your pocket and show it.)

Leave It to Lil Wayne to Offer the Dumbest Tweet About Caleb Moore’s Death

Are you fucking kidding me, Weezy? I mean... REALLY? A 25-year old with a whole lot of living left to do just lost his life

2Pac Hears Lil Wayne for the First Time, and It Doesn’t Go Well

Just ain't the same. 

Looking Good, Lil Wayne!

Lil Wayne recently got a tattoo of the word "Baked" on his forehead. The... uh, unconventional tat actually isn't a drug reference—instead, it was done

Lil Wayne’s Career Is Officially Over

Finished. Over. Kaput. He's always been a whore for guest appearances, but this is other-level sh*t. This is a guy who has just given up.

Li’l Wayne Interviews Randy Moss for ESPN

The biggest pre-kickoff question on Twitter this morning: Why in the hell is Lil Wayne interviewing Randy Moss on ESPN Sunday Countdown? I'm not sure there's

Lil Wayne Has a New Skateboarding Music Video for ‘Same Damn Tune’

Straight off his "Dedication 4 Mixtape," Weezy drops a skateboarding music video for "Same Damn Tune." In other Lil Wayne news, it's his 30th birthday this week

Lil Wayne Gave Perhaps the Funniest and Most Insane Deposition in Legal History

This summer, Lil Wayne gave a deposition in a court case filed against the creators of a now-unauthorized film about the rapper called "The Carter."

2007 Was the Best Year a Rapper Has Ever Had

If you have the time, pull up a YouTube clip of Lil Wayne’s 2007 performance on BET’s Rap Nation. Skip the intro rap. Press play

Download Lil Wayne’s ‘Dedication 4’ Mixtape

Here's something we didn't expect on Labor Day: Lil Wayne dropped a new "Dedication" mixtape, almost four years since the last mixtape in the series. Just

Sh*t Weezy Says: Lil Wayne ‘Flat Out Doesn’t Like New York’

Lil Wayne seems to have found himself in the middle of a beef war. Not with another person, but with an entire city. In fact,

Watch Lil Wayne’s Bizarre Music Video for ‘My Homies Still’ feat. Big Sean

Super bizarre video from Weezy. The wackiness for 'My Homies Still' is like a Robo-trip through Lil Wayne’s suburban hood filled with pink elephants, dudes with dog

David Guetta’s New Music Video for ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ Featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne

Last week probably wasn't the best week ever for David Guetta, who was called out by deadmau5 in Rolling Stone for being a "press play"

Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne Join Floyd Mayweather’s Entourage for Title Fight

Say what you want about polarizing boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., you'd have to agree that he knows how to make an entrance. 

Foo Fighters to Perform with Deadmau5, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and David Guetta at the Grammys

It appears that this year the Grammys will honor and recognize electronic music. Electronic/dubstep DJ, Skrillex, received five nominations and became the first

Here’s Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Prediction

It's no secret Lil' Wayne is a huge sports fan. Having made a few appearances on ESPN's "First Take" and "SportsCenter," the rapper has dropped

Lil Wayne Judges Str*pper Fight

In "Life's Not Fair" news, while you were going to bed early on Monday night so you would be somewhat functional at your