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Bros: Who Wants to Go On Tour with Lil Dicky This Fall?

Bros: We have a badass opportunity for a talented BroBible reader out there.

NYC Bros: Come to BroBible’s Lil Dicky After-Party Tomorrow Night at Ainsworth Park

  Hey NYC BroBible fans… Whatcha  doing tomorrow night, say, around 11PM? No plans? Good! Bro rap sensation Lil Dickey is […]

OG Bro Rapper Lil Dicky Needs Your Help on Kickstarter, Bros!

We fucks with Bro rapper Lil Dicky pretty hard around here, enthusiastically supporting him since the day he dropped his hilarious first video -- "Ex-Boyfriend" -- dropped.

Lil Dicky Finally Made a Rap Video About Smoking Weed and Getting High

It's about damn time Lil Dicky channeled his inner Cypress Hill. We were about two honey dutchies and three bong rips away from... I forget the

Lil Dicky Duels Hitler in Insane New Jam, ‘Jewish Flow’

I'm not sure if I'm Semitic enough to explain what's really going on in Lil Dicky's newest jam, but I can deliver these facts: Through

Lil Dicky Nails Every College/Postgraduate Living Situation with a Homemade Episode of ‘Cribs’

Like any good rapper, our boy Lil Dicky decided to show the world his crib. What used to be a smattering of people like Birdman

Lil Dicky Drops Yet Another Flame of a Single Called… ‘Flames’

Lil Dicky is nothing if not self-aware. As he continues to move further from the "joke rap" viral video sphere into what amounts to mainstream

Lil Dicky’s Newest Jam is a Hilarious Ode to the ‘90s

Lil Dicky makes two questionable claims in his newest Wednesday joint. (We were a little late today.) The first: "It's your boy out there, aka

Lil Dicky’s Latest Rap Video Is All About Poking Fun at Jewish Stereotypes

It's Wednesday, which means our favorite YouTube rapper, Lil Dickey, is back with new jam that he's calling "his favorite thus far." This one pokes

Lil Dicky Brings the Heat in New Banger ‘Beef’

Lil Dicky came here to take a dump and spit some beef. And he's all out of toilet paper.

Every Bro’s New Favorite Bro Rapper, Lil Dicky, Drops a Video About Being a ‘White Dude’

Th summer of Lil Dickey is upon us. The University of Richmond grad is killing it like no one else on YouTube right now. This

Listen to Lil Dicky’s Hilarious ‘Lion King’ Jam

Lil Dicky is on the greatest hip-hop run since Tupac's 1996. This is only a slight exaggeration. We first hopped aboard the Dicky train with

‘Ex-Boyfriend’ by Lil Dicky: The Dirtiest, Funniest Rap Song of All Time

The last time I laughed this hard at a rap? It might have been from the triumphant stupidity of Dirt Nasty's "1980." Or maybe the