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VIDEO: Spurs Owner Peter Holt Gives an INCREDIBLE Shout Out to America After the Winning the NBA Championship

How can you not love this guy?

This Rapping Army Staff Sergeant Wins the Internet Today

This rapping staff sergeant is such an OG Bro King. Dude is just sitting down, dropping mad bars about how […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Zero Fucks About Your Smoking Rules

Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a visit to the Facebook campus today, saying a warm "hello" to the folks at the social network. However, he wasn't particularly

American Newscaster On Russian Network Quits Her Job On-Air, Gives Putin a Huge Middle Finger LIKE A BOSS

What a huge, ballsy move by American newcaster Liz Wahl.

Hot Girl Wrestles a Bro at a Party, Makes Him Tap Out with Incredible BEAST MODE Move

Damn fine work here. The move this girl pulls to pin this guy is beyond impressive. She goes total beast […]

Marine Bro Brings Down the House with Incredible Dance Moves at the Marine Corps Ball

What. A. Boss. This Marine bro's swag is so off the charts, it's not even funny. I'm not sure why this viral gem has sat

Bro Opens a Beer with a Helicopter Like a Boss

World's most expensive bottle opener?

This Old Bro Just Made the Sickest Barefoot Waterskiing Video You’ll Ever Watch

Woaaah. When I grow up, I want to be just like this dude. This old Bro has swag for days, possibly recording the dopest barefoot

Swedish Hockey Ref Ends a Fight Like a Boss

Dude is my new hero for stopping a hockey fight like this. What a boss... 

Jim Gaffigan On How to Be a Boss

Legendary stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan is a boss on the stage, but who knew he excelled at Management 101... 

How to Put Out a Boat Fire Like a Boss

We saved the best boat fire extinguishing video of 2012 for the last day of the year. Consider it a reminder to be a boss in 2013. 

Bored? Watch the ‘Win/Luck Compilation of 2011’

Just a seven-and-a-half minute compilation of people winning at life in 2011 to bust your "Please-help-me-I'm-bored-as-hell-at-home-and-its-not-New-Years-Eve-yet" blues.

Now THIS Is How You Carve A Freakin’ Pumpkin

Like a complete boss, here's a guy carving a pumpkin with a Arsenal SGL 21 (7.62X39). Happy Halloween, folks.

Oh, Hey, Here’s a Toddler In A Miami T-Shirt Doing a Capri Sun Beer Bong at a Tailgate LIKE A BOSS

Very America-as-an-adjective if you ask us. Also, the most Florida thing you'll see today. Just a young Hurricane slamming Capri Sun in a

Watch This German Guy Parallel Park Like a Boss and Set a World Record for a Hot Second

This probably is the first (and last) post in BroBible history about the enthralling world of competitive parking. Turns out, it's a thing...

Watch This UK Police Officer Get Hit at Full Speed By a Stolen Car and Then Chase the Perp Down

It's absolutely astonishing the police officer in this video could survive this impact, let alone stand up and tase the perpetrator, thus taking

How to Jump Into a Pool Chair Like a Boss

Needs more Leisure Diving, but otherwise absolutely perfect. A "10," if you will. Hat tip goes to Guyism. Have a nice weekend.

Fan Manages to Save Beer While Diving Into a Pool of Chicks to Catch Adrian Gonzalez’s Home Run

Like a boss, indeed. Bro move of the week? Of the month? Year? Something scripted from a Bud Light commercial? Whatever the case, we are

Jack McKeon Lights Up a Cigar in the Dugout After Florida Marlins 11th Straight Loss

Nearly six years ago Jack McKeon retired from a 30-year managerial career in Major League Baseball. Last week, while watching his granddaughter’s softball game in

Here’s Mark Cuban Taking a Leak with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy… Like a Boss!

Another total boss move by the man of the hour, Mark Cuban. According to our friends at Busted Coverage, this photo comes via the Twitter

The Winner of the World Beard and Moustache Championship Has a Moose in His Beard

Meet Elmar Weisser, a 47-year-old hairdresser from Germany who took home the "World Beard and Mustache Champion" last week in Trondheim, Norway. It's the third

This Nine-Year Old Japanese Wrestler is a Boss

Because I don't understand a lick of Japanese beyond "arigatou gozaimasu," I know very little about this pint-sized wrestling wunderkind or what his story is.

Swedish Man Wards Off a Moose with Viking-Style Intimidation Tactics

The title pretty much says it all for this video, which was uploaded to YouTube last week by "officerlarsson." The dude is just channeling his

VIDEO: Dude Films Tornado Like a Boss

More than 243 tornadoes were reported in 14 states in the Midwest and South over the weekend, leaving at least 45 people in the aftermath.

VIDEO: Dude Just Goes About Cleaning the Cobra Pit Like a Boss

Confession: I'm a huge p*ssy when it comes to snakes. Like, before I moved to New York City, I'd shriek and jump and scream like

Tsunami Survivor Rescues Wife, Mother, and Other Victims by Swimming Through Streets in a Scuba Suit

Unfortunately, it's too late to get this courageous Japanese tsunami survivor on this week's Bro of the Week list. However, 43-year-old Hideaki Akaiwa managed to