How To Count Cards In Blackjack: A Guide


Two weekends ago, rather than doing lame Valentine's Day shit, I went down to Atlantic City and went on a blackjack tear at Caesars in the middle of a tumultuous snowstorm.


6 Gross Lifehacks All Guys Use But Don’t Admit


Can’t find tweezers to get rid of that pesky nose hair.

ketchup everywhere

I Just Spent 2 Minutes Of My Life Learning How I’m A Stupid Idiot Who Uses Ketchup Cups Wrong And SO CAN YOU!

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life, which means you should start it off on the right foot by learning how to not be a fucking moron who uses ketchup cups wrong.


So… You’ve Been Peeling an Orange Wrong All These Years


If there's one lifehack you need to learn today, make it this one.

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There's nothing a Bro loves more than roughin' in the woods, getting back to nature with his buddies.


These Summer Lifehacks Are Great for Gettin’ Drunk Outside This Summer


If you don't have a cooler that you can keep your beers cold that also has floaties so you can take it in the river/lake/ocean/pool/whatever this summer, are you even a Bro.

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