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We’ve All Been Taking Off Our T-Shirts Wrong

One-handed. All this time we could have been doing it ONE-HANDED.

8 iPhone Lifehacks You Need To Know

There are iPhone lifehacks of all shapes and sizes out there, but not all iPhone lifehacks are made equal.

8 Essential Study Hacks

Everyone has to eventually pull the #librarygrind in college. Work smarter, not necessarily harder. 

SCIENCE! Debunks 30 of the Internet’s Most Popular Lifehacks

The Internet is absolutely obsessed with lifehacks, those silly tidbits that claim to make your life easier or something. But how many are legit and

5 Deceptive Ways to Make Yourself Hotter

It's becoming a chore to know if what you see is really what you're going to get when there are so many ways to make

Tweet Your Ultimate Life Hacks and Enter to Win a Philips Norelco Click & Style and BroBible Schwag

Every Bro has a story, every Bro has a life hack to make college life easier, whether it's a Doritos-crusted chicken fingers recipe or sticking

8 Things Successful People Do… And Why They Work

Bros love self-improving, so I thought this motivational infographic might give you the kick-in-the-ass you need to get your #grind on. Let's be honest: It's

How To Explain Your Farts

Have a burrito for lunch? Explain the lingering flatulence away with these handy excuses. 

10 Bets You Will Always Win

Unless everyone you ever make a bet with has also seen this video. In that case these would be 10 Bets That Make You Look

9 Body Hacks That Will Save Your Life

Have to go really bad, but the line is ridiculously long? Fact: You can psychological relieve the tension of having to pee by thinking of

These Party Hacks Will Change Your Game

Fact: Bros love to f*ckin' party. Fact: You need some party hacks to change your game up. For more life hacks, click here

30 Brilliant Lifehacks That Will Make You Look Like a F*ckin’ Genius

Want to impress your friends? Do these.... 

6 Snack Hacks That Will Take Your Munchie Game to the Next Level

Next time you're chillin on the couch, pullin' tubes while watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, remember these life hacks that will take your munchie game

8 Terrible Lifehacks You’ll Never Use

OK, we know: Lifehacks are a dime-a-dozen these days. It's some of the most popular content on the Internet and we're partially to blame. Bros

25 Lifehacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

What happens after we've lifehacked everything? What will be left then? Will we be able to function as a socieity or will we be a

45 Mind-Blowing Redneck Lifehacks

Have you ever used a leafblower to get your grill hotter? YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT...

6 Essential Dorm Survival Lifehacks

Lifehacks are so in right now. But I have to wonder if all this hacking of life is more time consuming than it is worthwhile?

9 Incredible Lifehacks for Making PB&J

Attention, hungry and broke college kids: Have you ever tried peanut butter and jelly ON AN EGGO WAFFLE? Do it and do it now. It's

Strapped for Cash? Here Are ‘10 More Bets You Will Always Win’

Sure you could hit up Montell Williams and the good folks Money Mutual, or even dial up 877 CASH NOW, but here's yet another

33 Lifehacks for Bros Who Like to Party

Toilet seat put-put is the sure sign of a Bro who likes to party. 

10 Best Lifehacks for Living Alone

You sad sack of sh*t. 

17 Hiccup Cures in 91 Seconds

Getting the hiccups is no fun! So here are a few solutions to making them go away. 

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24 Next-Level Lifehacks

DORITOS. CRUSTED. CHICKEN FINGERS. Get on my munch level, Bro....

9 Tech Lifehacks That Will Make Your Life Better

Bros be lifehackin' and self-improvin' all over this joint.

54 Epic Redneck Lifehacks

Now you know what to do with your empty Natty cans...

22 Dominant Life Pro Tips For Guys

Quick, commit these to memory. 1. Fortify the beer tower in the fridge by locking a binder clip at the base of the rack.  Eliminate

Work Less By Pooping More!: Your Guide to Dropping Deuces on Company Time

We punch the clock. We pick up our checks. We repress our urges to punch our respective bosses in the throat.

13 Money Saving Hacks for Guys

"Savin' my money and I'm hella happy that's a bargain, b**ch."

14 Solid Pieces of Advice for College Students, Via a Massive Reddit Thread of College Lifehacks

So this thread on Reddit's r/AskReddit is going crazy viral right now in college circles. If you're heading to college next fall, bookmark it. It offers

Here Are 7 Ways to Open Wine That Don’t Involve Using a Corkscrew

So what if wine isn’t the most Bro drink to pour down your gullet? Sometimes it’s all that’s available.