video games

10 Video Games That Taught Important Life Lessons


Video games taught all of us life lessons.


10 Life Lessons Bros Can Learn From Watching ‘Austin Powers’


It’s hard to believe it’s been a dozen years since Austin Powers last appeared on the big screen.


Kid’s First Ride In The Front Seat Leads To His Father Teaching Him A Painful Lesson About Wearing A Seatbelt


Here we see what is either a very unfortunate coincidence, or some cold hard parenting about wearing a seatbelt.

Life lessons

The 9 most important life lessons of your 20s


When you're in your late teens you think you know everything, but the truth is you don't know jack.


5 Things Millennials Can Learn From Gen-X


Millennials are the technology addicted, pseudo-political generation that was told there are no losers.

things we learned in school

16 things we wish they had taught us in school


Perhaps there needs to be self-improvement class in school so that these 16 important things wouldn't have evaded many us well into out twenties.

Superhero movies

10 lessons from superhero movies all guys should know


Superhero flicks aren’t just about explosions and awesome fight scenes, here are 10 bits of wisdom that your favorite comic book heroes have imparted, perhaps without you even knowing it.


5 things you can learn about life from pro wrestling


Anyone that watches pro wrestling knows that it teaches more about the real world than school ever did.

sports life lessons

20 life lessons that don’t work in sports


There is one universe where long-accepted life lessons suddenly transform into bad advice: sports.

real life

The Three Things College Accidentally Teaches You About the Real World


From the time we are old enough to spell SAT we are taught that college prepares us for the real world.

thought catalog

5 Things That Were Reaffirmed By Going To College


College is awesome for all sorts of reasons, besides the infinite taps of beer and DTF chicks.

Life lessons

6 Life Lessons To Take Away From Mario Kart


If you were a kid in the 90’s there is approximately a 100% chance that Nintendo 64 was a staple in the diet of your life and there is a 99.

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