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Watch Jimmy Tatro Break Down Another Clip from the Greatest Movie Ever Made, ‘Hard Ticket to Hawaii’

Hard Ticket to Hawaii is easily the cinematic masterpiece of our generation, that's obviously why Jimmy Tatro keeps breaking down its scenes.

A 6th Grade Sleepover Reenacted by Jimmy Tatro and Friends is Hilariously On Point

Man. Those were the days.

Here’s Jimmy Tatro’s Reenactment of Justin Beiber’s House Being Raided by the Cops

Hundred-percent chance this is how it happened.

Jimmy Tatro Hilariously Mocks Athlete Interviews, Might Have Used Jameis Winston as Inspiration

Jimmy Tatro is claiming that this was "inspired by every sports related interview ever," but if you follow Jimmy on Twitter, then you probably saw

How to Get a Girl to Dump You, According to Jimmy Tatro

For whatever reason (see: cowardice) some dudes would prefer to have a girl dump them, so they go out of their way to make that happen

Watch Jimmy Tatro Break Down a Clip from the Greatest Movie Ever Made, ‘Hard Ticket to Hawaii’

Fact: The 1987 film Hard Ticket to Hawaii features deadly frisbee throwers. It's incredible. Our boy Jimmy Tatro breaks down the movie's best scene. 

Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce Get Drunk and Answer Fan Questions, Things Get Weird

The real question is: were they actually drunk when they did this? Well, it's that and that the people on YouTube want to know if the

How To Make A Reality Show (w/Jimmy Tatro)

How do you make a reality TV show? Spoiler alert: Editing. Lots and lots of truth-twisting editing. And a handful of almost really good-looking people. 

Jimmy Tatro’s Breakaway Bottles Prank is Pretty Hilarious

I never knew breakaway bottles were a thing... Who know? And I was worried when I saw that Tatro was throwing his hat into the

5 More Types of Girls Who Suck

Jimmy Tatro is back with another installment of his People Who Suck series. And this one, for the most part, is spot on. Especially the

The 5 Types of Girls Who Suck

Jimmy has found a supple tit and he is going to keep on sucking it. He struck gold with his 5 Types of Guys Who

5 More Types of Guys Who Suck

Previously, we posted Jimmy Tatro's Guy's That Suck (Part 1) video and today we have Part 2 for you. But before we get to that

Jimmy Tatro and Overly Attached Girlfriend Make Funny Video on ‘Normally Attached Girlfriends’

It appears you can make a career out of a meme. The girl from Overly Attached Girlfriend recently teamed up with Jimmy Tatro to make

Jimmy Tatro Plays Doorman at a Party, to Funny Results

Everyone knows Melvin at the party, brah?

‘The Worst Idea Ever’ Starring Jimmy Tatro

My question is: If they all got in the car to drive to the high school party anyway, why the hell didn't one of the

‘Say My Name’: The Last Three Words You Want to Hear After You’ve Already Forgotten Her Name

Who hasn't been in this exact position? Terrifying. 

Every Single Hungover Conversation Ever

This week on Life According To Jimmy, Jimmy Tatro tackles every single hungover conversation ever. I dunno though, pretty sure these dudes are in the

THAT High Guy Everyone Knows

I used to have a guy who got high and acted like this in my fraternity. I think at various points everyone wanted to kill

How Everyone Acts When They Get Home From Coachella

Did Jimmy Tatro nail it with this video? You tell me, I'm an opinion-less drone. 

Jimmy Tatro Attempted to Pull the Perfect April Fool’s College Prank

Presented without comment as I don't want to ruin his prank, which sounds like the perfect prank to pull if you're in college. 

A Spring Break Breakdown By Jimmy Tatro

Jimmy went to Spring Break. In Cabo. He partied with Johnny Manziel. He's pretty much the man. Here's his recap how his trip went and

Lost in Textlation: The Difference Between How Chicks and Dudes Interpret Texts

Spot on work by Jimmy Tatro. He totally has Blonde #4 at his beck and call. 

‘Dear YouTube Commenters’ Dissects a Special Breed of Individuals

This is very accurate. I only wish he included those persons whose best attempt at a useful comment is just the word "gay."

Jimmy Tatro Makes Fun of Girls, Hilarity Materializes

"Where's my princess in shining armor?!" This Tatro guy might be on to something.

Tips on Partying Every College Freshman Needs to Hear

"Life According to Jimmy" is celebrating back-to-school week, and this video shows some things that all you newbies need to know before hitting up college