10 Bold-Faced Lies We Were All Taught In School


As every adult knows, we were fed a whole lot of bullshit when we went to school.


Woman Eats Entire Bottle Of ‘Sleeping Pills’ To Prove Homeopathy Is Complete Bullshit


YouTuber 'ScienceBabe' is here to take a stand against CVS, Walgreens, and all the other drugstores who are selling 'homeopathic' bullshit, and she's eating 50 pills on camera to prove just how fake these 'HPUS' remedies are.


How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You


My favorite lie I love to call people out on is when they say "just got your text.

lying to yourself

8 of the most common lies people tell themselves


People tell lies all the time – to their friends, their bosses, their spouses, their relatives, to the bum on the street who just wants a dollar – but the most insidious lies are the ones that people tell to themselves.

MSN 21 lies you are stupidly good at telling yourself


Whether it's telling yourself a diet of sunshine, air and water will work (it won't), or promising you won't hit snooze alarm again (you will), lies happen.

university of minnesota

Bro Asks College Bros About the Lies Men Tell Women


This week our boy Yafa is asking Bros at the University of Minnesota about their dick size the lies dudes tell chicks.

lies told to women

The 5 most ridiculous lies ever told to impress a woman


Human courtship is a complicated procedure that often involves some strategic lying.

val patterson

Man Writes Own Obituary, Comes Clean Regarding His Many, Many Lies


I haven’t put a tremendous amount of thought into it, but I didn’t know you could write your own obituary.

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