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Jimmy Kimmel Got a Bunch of Idiots to Talk About Their Favorite Landon Donovan World Cup Moment

So many pants on so much fire.

Drake Dresses In Disguise and Asks People What They Think of Him on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Drake is hosting the ESPYs in July and there’s no doubt that October’s Very Own is going to kill it. Last […]

Jimmy Kimmel Trolled SXSW Attendees Into Saying They Were Excited to See Fake Bands

You probably know the drill for “Lie Witness News” by now; Kimmel took it on the road to Austin and […]

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Asks People If They’re Happy with the New Pope—When There Is No Pope

What constantly amazes us about these "Lie Witness Tests" is how quickly the interviewees answer when asked about something completely untrue. No time to process

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Asks People on Street if They Were Happy with Fake Oscar Nominations

These are great, and they just keep coming. If you've never seen a Lie Witness sketch, here's the deal: Jimmy Kimmel sends his minions out