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Top 5 Things to Do in the Library Instead of Studying for Finals

Finals are a wacky time in the life of a young college bro. You’ve pretty much been dicking around for four months and then Lo!

UC Berkeley Continues to Kick Ass this Week As Students Hold Dead Week Naked Run in Library

I think I need to take a pilgrimage out to UC Berkeley and examine this campus in the flesh. Earlier this week, student Nadia Cho

Female Student at UC Berkeley Explains How She Had Sex All Over Campus

Everyone with a pulse in their genitalia has wanted to have sex in a campus building or public grounds during college. Whether it be in

Girl Gets Humiliated When Her Laptop Starts Moaning and Making Sex Noises In a Library

Pranks happen, especially during the stress of finals week. But here's a lesson on why you should A.) Password protect your computer or B.) not