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Liam Neeson Prank Called Maggie Grace’s Ex-Boyfriend In His ‘Taken’ Character And It’s Fucking Terrific (w/Audio)


Team Coco Liam Neeson has been Maggie Grace's "Movie Dad" for about nine years and three Taken installments.

real life taken situation

Whoa, A Real-Life ‘Taken’ Just Went Down In Nepal


Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.


The Trailer For ‘TAKEN 3’ Looks Badass With Liam Neeson Karate-Chopping Police


Back in February Liam Neeson was quoted as saying that he’d be willing to do a Taken 3, but only under certain circumstances: In the first “Taken,” Neeson’s character Bryan Mills’ daughter was taken.


‘Kill Map’ Shows All The Places Liam Neeson Has Killed People In Movies


According to this map, which was created to help drive buzz for A Walk Among the Tombstones, Liam Neeson has got a pretty beefy body count going for himself; he's even killed in space a few times.

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Is This Drunk Russian Dude Liam Neeson’s Twin Brother?


So he doesn't display any incredible physical prowess, but I'll be damned if that's not at least one degree of Kevin Bacon away from Liam Neeson's family.


Now That Crimea Has Been Taken, Liam Neeson Is Personally Involved


You take something, you are automatically messing with the wrong person.

Non Stop release date

This trailer for the movie ‘Non-Stop’ done with Legos is too fantastic


Liam Neeson played Bad Cop in The Lego Movie so I guess it only makes sense that his next film Non-Stop had it's trailer redone using Legos too.

Taken 2

Key & Peele Finally Met Liam Neesons


Most people say Key & Peele's best sketch is the East-West Bowl.

who is Liam Neeson dating

Ranking the hot hookups of Liam Neeson


After chronicling the alleged dating histories of 64 famous men one would think we'd be running out of guys to discuss.

Will Ferrell

The LEGO Movie is a real thing and has a new trailer


I'm not a numbers guy, but Lego might be the most successful toy of all time.

Tom Cruise

8 aging action stars that can still bring it


You don't have to be a muscle-bound meathead from the 80s to be an action star anymore (though it doesn't hurt) and you certainly don't have to be young anymore.

Taken sequel

Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Taken 2′


I can't smoke pot at home anymore because I don't want my dealer to kidnap my kids and take them to Quiznos.

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