kiara patterson

This Female Football Player Might Pass Better Than Jameis And Has Hands Like Odell

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Meet Kiara Patterson, a woman who at the very least needs to get a quick look from a few NFL scouts because, damn, if she was a guy she might be draft-worthy come Thursday, April 30th.


Here’s a Good Ol’ Lingerie Football Brawl


The best way to resolve any conflict.

Markie Henderson

Lingerie Football Player goes BEASTMODE, destroys some poor chick


Attention everyone, we have a new favorite player in the Lingerie Football League.

weirdest td celebrations

Lingerie Football League player mimes taking a leak after scoring a TD


I'll give this to the Lingerie Football League, you'll never see a dude pretending to take a piss on a toilet made out of his fellow players after scoring a touchdown at any point this season.

trash talk

This Lingerie Football Player Has Perfected the Art of Trash-Talking


Well, the Lingerie Football League is something that still exists.

Lingerie Football League hit

LFL player delivers punishing hit, might be Ronnie Lott’s daughter


It's hard to take the Legends Football League seriously when girls run around in panties and bras and oh my God look at this devastating hit.

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