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Lingerie Football Coach Chris Michaelson Continues to Be a Giant Dick to His Players

Loud noises.

LFL Coach Berates Lingerie-Wearing Quarterback, Seems Like a Dick

Loud noises.

LFL Football Player Loses Her Shit During Halftime, Is Kind of Scary

Loud noises.

This Lingerie Football Player Has Perfected the Art of Trash-Talking

Well, the Lingerie Football League is something that still exists. And thank God, because where else could moments like this happen?

‘The Greatest Hit In Football History,’ According to the Lingerie Football League

The Lingerie Football League loves making ridiculous claims in their press list e-mail blasts. The most recent one is this massive tackle that they're championing

The Lingerie Football League’s ‘Bitch Slap Heard Around the World’

More web gems from the Lingerie Football League's Canadian league. This week Toronto Triumph's Petshauna "The Locomotive" Pinnock lands a huge slap on Saskatoon Sirens'

Lingerie Football All Star Game Features Late Hits, Punches to the Stomach

Remember when the Lingerie Football League was a thing for a hot second in the United States before being outsourced to Australia? Sigh. Just never

Here’s a Lingerie Football League Fight

On Monday night the LFL's Philadelphia Passion took on the Toronto Triumph Monday night in Trenton's Sun National Bank Center. In the second

Lingerie Football League Player Gets Depantsed

Wardrobe malfunctions in the NFL rarely happen and if they do most of us avoid seeing a 6-7 320lbs offensive lineman. However when

This Lingerie Football League Fight is Viciously Amazing

I love a catfight. The hair-pulling. The semi-retarded trash talking. The harmless b*tch slapping. The 3% chance that a tit will pop out.

Watch A Lingerie Football League Coach Freak the F-Out In the Locker Room

Minnesota Valkyrie offensive coordinator Tony Nguyen takes Lingerie Football very, very seriously. And why shouldn't he? It's his job. And here's proof. 

The Lingerie Football League Has a ‘Hard Knocks’ Knock-Off

We've said it before and we'll say it again: We're really not sure who cares about the Lingerie Football League. Still, it seems to be

The Lingerie Bowl VII Summarized with One Picture

Not only was Super Bowl Sunday the last foreseeable NFL game in a long time, it also marked the final game of the Lingerie Football

VIDEO: Is This Bench-Clearing Brawl the Most Exciting Thing to Ever Happen in Lingerie Football?

I've taken a few not-so-subtle jabs at the Lingerie Football League in the past. It's not because I don't love the concept (hot chicks