Rush Limbaugh

Lewis Black has amazing response to Rush Limbaugh’s comments on Robin Williams’ suicide


Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh spewed some ignorant crap in the wake of Robin Williams suicide.


Lewis Black and Other New Yorkers to Texas: ‘F*ck You’


Texas Governor Rick Perry has a campaign in which he tries to convince businesses from other states to take operations down to the Lonestar State.

Louis CK

Here Are Samples of All the Comedy Albums Nominated for the ‘Best Comedy Album’ Grammy Award


This Sunday, the cultural tastemakers at the Grammys will reveal to society what the best comedy album of 2012 was.

the daily show

Lewis Black Rants About Lance Armstrong, Butt Chugging and Farm Animal Sex


Who better to riff on Lance Armstrong, butt chugging, and farm animal sex than career ax grinder Lewis Black.

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