Working out

Massive Asshole Leaves Note Telling Overweight Neighbor to Stop Working Out In the Neighborhood


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this letter is 100% real.


Read the Heartfelt Letter Tupac Sent to Public Enemy’s Chuck D From Prison in 1995


Yesterday, Public Enemy's Chuck D shared a letter on his Twitter account from 1995 that Tupac Shakur wrote him from prison.

University of Missouri

Michael Sam Wrote a Touching Letter to the University of Missouri


As Michael Sam prepares for the NFL draft and a lot of professional uncertainty, he will be leaving behind the University of Missouri.


Police Chief Writes Hilarious Letter to Kanye West After He Compared His Work to Cops and Soldiers


David Oliver is an Ohio police chief and also the author of No Mopes Allowed, a book covering rants and other such musings of the Brimfield Police Department.


Anthony Hopkins Wrote Bryan Cranston an Awesome Fan Letter


Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston have been praised by everyone currently breathing the Earth’s air.


Aaron Hernandez Wrote ANOTHER Letter From Jail…


"Thanks for the site and sry [sic] I can't check site [sic] there is no internet in jail lol.

tip drill

A Bro Shares Possibly the Greatest Prank of All Time With Us


We’ve been having an interoffice debate lately about what, exactly, constitutes a “prank.

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