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Will Ferrell Talked to Letterman About The Time He Met Toronto’s Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford

The two things that took the Internet by the balls a few months ago -- Anchorman 2 and Rob Ford -- and are now exhausting to

Sports Superstars Named Their ‘Top Ten’ Career Highlights at MSG on Letterman Last Night

Stop asking yourself Is that Larry "Grandmama" Johnson in that photo? because it is. 

Bill Murray Threw Chairs, Wore a Liberace Suit, and Sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ on ‘Letterman’

If you missed it live because Time Warner Cable is evil, Bill Murray went on Letterman's 20th anniversary show last night to deliver a comedic

David Letterman Composed an Excellent List of ‘Top 10 Golden Corral Excuses’

In the rare event that you were doing something useful earlier this week, a Golden Corral was spotted hiding their food out by a dumpster

Watch Zedd and Foxes Perform ‘Clarity’ Live on David Letterman, Complete with an Orchestra

Just a few short days ago, I made it a point to sing type the praises of Zedd, the German talent whose done a lot to

Bill Murray, Awesome Human, Made Quite the Entrance on Letterman Last Night

Hostage Bill? 

Rising Comic Watch: Funnyman Michael Che Talks the Economy, ‘Like vs. Love’ on Letterman

"There's no 'Biggest Loser: Ethiopia'"

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Deliver Letterman’s Top Ten

Ten lovely ladies gracing the pages of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue showed off their talents on the "Late Show" last night,