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The Three Things College Accidentally Teaches You About the Real World


From the time we are old enough to spell SAT we are taught that college prepares us for the real world.


Watch a Suavely Dressed 11 Year-Old Give City Council Members a Piece of His Mind


Bolo tie and all, eleven year old David Williams stepped up to the podium at a Dallas City Council meeting to ask questions about a pretty pertinent issue nowadays--regarding school safety, and whether or not there was an alternative to for teachers to keep the schools danger-free without having to bring weapons to school.


10 Things Every Guy’s Mom Forgets to Teach Him Before College


There are some things my mom is just better at than I am.


Game Management 101: Five Things Every Team Should Learn from Championship Week


Championship Week had some great moments for college basketball fans, but it also provided more than a few learning experiences.

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