leonardo dicaprio

Want To See Leonardo DiCaprio Try To Rap ‘Scenario’ With Jamie Foxx? Of Course You Do


Of course you want to see Leonardo DiCaprio rapping "Scenario" with Jamie Foxx.

Leonardo DiCaprio ice bucket video

Leonardo DiCaprio took the Ice Bucket Challenge, donated $100K to ALS like a boss


Leave it to the king of all bros Leonardo DiCaprio to not only take the Ice Bucket Challenge, but to also drop a giant donation and then challenge an actual head of state to do it next.

Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly cheered when Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Bieber


According to reports when Orlando Bloom tried to Roman Reigns Justin Bieber with a Superman punch yesterday Leonardo DiCaprio was right there applauding because he is THE COOLEST MAN ON THE PLANET.

stars commercials before famous

These commercials of stars before they were famous are pure entertainment gold


So I am cruising around the 'Net looking for something good for you on a hump day when I come across this YouTube account that shows celebrities in horrible commercials before they were famous and OMG are these bad.

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