Toni Garrn Victoria's Secret

Leonardo DiCaprio has moved in with his girlfiend? What the hell is going on?!


The man who set the bar for dating sexy famous women so high that it will never be touched, Leonardo DiCaprio, has reportedly moved in with his model girlfriend Toni Garrn.

who is Nina Agdal dating

Nina Agdal looked hot at the Beach Bowl, then left a party with DiCaprio (uh oh)


After finishing up her duties looking totally sexy at (and winning) the Celebrity Beach Bowl over the weekend Nina Agdal got all cleaned up and partied til the early morning with Leonardo DiCaprio before leaving with him in the same car.

Toni Garrn pictures

Another look at Toni Garrn, Leo DiCaprio’s latest model girlfriend


Toni Garrn, for those who aren't keeping up, is the latest Victoria's Secret model Leonardo DiCaprio is having his way with.

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio dating

Leonardo DiCaprio is nailing another supermodel


The other day we almost had our faith in Leonardo DiCaprio shattered when it was reported that Cara Delevingne shot down the advances of our hero in life, but thankfully today it is 100% restored.

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