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Lena Dunham’s Dog Bit Her in the Ass and She Posted a Bloody Pic of It to the Internet

It's just like an episode of Sex and the City.

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd To Go Topless On ‘The View’ Because…. ‘Girls’

"Why in the hell would BroBible post about Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd going topless?"

Lena Dunham Met a Men’s Rights Activist on ‘SNL’ Because We’re All So Fucking Meta These Days

It's v 2014.

The Season Premiere of ‘Girls’ Reviewed By a Guy Who Has Never Seen the Show

I'm bad at watching TV series. It's not that I don't own a television of have some moral high horse about people who leave dinner

The 5 Most Unlikable Female Celebrities

Have you ever been clicking around the nets and you come to some story about Taylor Swift or Lindsay Lohan and think to yourself “how

There’s Going to Be a ‘Girls’ Reality Show, Because It’s Sooooooo Tough to ‘Make It’ These Days


A Guide to Hate-Watching HBO’s ‘Girls’

It’s impossible not to hear about, almost on a daily basis. The encapsulation of “our generation,” perpetuated by a liberal arts graduate who grew up

Lena Dunham’s ‘Sexy’ Ad for Barack Obama is All Kinds of Awful

I’m the least political person you’ll ever meet, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this flaming pile of dog crap.

New Yorker Launches iPhone App With Video Starring John Hamm, Lena Dunham. It Is Terrible.

This is flat-out hor-awful. Not only does John Hamm manage to channel the drastically less successful alternate reality version of himself (Mad Men got cancelled,

‘Boys’ Is the ‘Girls’ Parody We’ve Been Waiting For

Judd Apatow — executive producer of "Girls" — just Tweeted out this spot-on parody of the hit HBO show. "Boys" is worth a watch both for the