No Money For New Fishing Lures? Use Your Old LEGOs And Catch Trout Like This Guy


If you're not constantly checking and maintaining your fishing equipment, you can lose a lot of lures and things can get really expensive in no time at all.


The beach where Lego keep washing up on shore


Back in 1997, a Tokio Express container ship was struck by a wave the ship captain called a "once in a 100-year phenomenon".

super bowl 48

LEGO Reenactment of Super Bowl 48 as Painful To Watch as Actual Game


I’m not a Denver Broncos fan but my favorite team was once on the business end of a Super Bowl ass beating.

Will Ferrell

The LEGO Movie is a real thing and has a new trailer


I'm not a numbers guy, but Lego might be the most successful toy of all time.

No Bollocks

Memorable March Madness games recreated with Legos


Newcastle Brown Ale recruited team Lego to recreate some of the NCAA tournament's most memorable games.

Video games

A five-foot long NES Controller made out Lego, plus it works


Baron von Brunk is a NYC based artist who uses the medium of Lego to make all kinds of awesome things.

Will Arnett

Morgan Freeman is going to be in a ‘LEGO’ movie


In other news, there's going to be a LEGO movie.


Here’s a guy sorting 100 boxes of Legos for no particular reason


There's something somewhat compelling about this video of a guy unboxing and sorting 100 boxes of Legos for, seemingly, no reason at all.

Video games

Of course there’s also going to be a ‘Lego Lord of the Rings’


After doing Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, and Indiana Jones, it was only a matter of time before the folk who make Lego video games took their stab at Lord of the Rings.

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