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LeBron James Does the Ice Bucket Challenge, Screams Like a Bitch and Nominates Barry O

Is that ice water or is he working on flopping this offseason?

LeBron James Visited Johnny Manziel, Created the Greatest Cleveland Moment in Years

Two buddies.

LeBron James Is Looking Super Skinny After Cutting Out Carbs from His Diet

Carbs are the enemy.

Brian Scalabrine Announces Return to Boston Celtics Broadcast Booth With Parody of LeBron James’ Letter

Excellent work here.

LeBron James Stripped for a Screaming Crowd In Taiwan

Beloved by all now he is returning like the Prodigal Son to the the Promised Land of Cleveland, Ohio, LeBron James is on an international

LeBron James Will Wear 23 in Cleveland

How nice of him.

Frank Caliendo Hilariously Reads LeBron James’ ‘Coming Home’ Letter in Morgan Freeman’s Voice

This is perfect. Feel like I'm watching the sequel to Shawshank.

LeBron James Sent His Neighbors Cupcakes to Apologize Causing All That Commotion


Watch LeBron James Cheer For His Son Like a Typical Dad, Because Everyone Loves This Guy Now

Remember when LeBron James was the bad guy?

Should LeBron James Wear 6 or 23 in Cleveland?

Pretty clear choice IMO.

Ohio Groomsmen Wear LeBron James Jerseys for Rare Worthwhile Wedding Photo

Ted Mosby was edited out.

Ted Mosby is Pretty Thrilled About LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland

Classic Schmosby.

Shaq Just Took To Instagram To Tell All LeBron’s Haters To Get The Fuck Over Themselves

Question of the day: why does Shaq have an Instagram account?

LeBron James Captured A Video Of The World Cup Streaker And Threw It Up On Instagram

If I hear ANYTHING ELSE about LeBron James this week....

Miami Heat Fans Have Already Started Burning LeBron James Jerseys

"Here on page 37 it says, "if a franchise player leaves we must burn the jersey." -Heat fan reading "How to Be a Loyal Fan

ESPN Reporter Chris Broussard Confirms LeBron James Wrote a Letter, A Huge Scoop for Sure

Worthy of a Pulitzer.

There’s Already a LeBron James Billboard In Downtown Cleveland

Holy CRAP that was fast.

LeBron James is Going Back to Cleveland

This is real.

LeBron James Is Returning Home to Cleveland … In This Unofficial Nike Video

Did you guys hear the news?

The Only Acceptable ‘Welcome Home’ Letter LeBron Should Ever Read If He Returns To Cleveland

God we've missed you.

Soo… It Sounds Like LeBron James Is Seriously, Really Going Back to Cleveland

Cue Bon Jovi.

Cleveland Cavaliers Pull Dan Gilbert’s Comic Sans Letter from Website, So LeBron James’ Return is Practically a Done Deal

Shocking development.

LeBron James Is Instagraming Pics of His Off-Season Training and Looking Shredded

Snapped yesterday, clearly in Miami.

LeBron James Jr. Caught a Fish, His Family Went Insane

All the excitement.

LeBron James Will Opt Out of His Miami Heat Contract, Become a Free Agent

Did you enjoy the first Summer of LeBron? Those frantic nights losing sleep, wondering where he’d be taking his talents. […]

Did LeBron James’ Wife Just Suggest LeBron Is Moving Back to Ohio?

"Home sweet home!! The countdown is real! #330Follow"

Bro Perfectly Trolls LeBron James’ Fourth Quarter Leg Cramp During High School Graduation

He gets the laughs he was looking for.

Here Is LeBron James Crying When He Realized the Spurs Were Going to Win the NBA Championship

Enjoy it and wallow in it forever, Lebron haters. Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs!

15 Things You Never Knew About LeBron James

The best athlete in the world is also pretty interesting.

Bill Simmons Was Not Happy about His Lack of Airtime, Bitched About It

Let him talk, dammit.

LeBron James Went to See ‘Maleficent’ and Dropped in on a Yoga Class Before Dominating Game 2


Even Jonathan Martin Made Fun of LeBron James’ Cramps


Gatorade’s Twitter Account Shit on LeBron James and Powerade After He Cramped Up Last Night

We're sure it was all in good fun.

LeBron James Couldn’t Handle the Heat, So “LeBroning” Is Now a Thing

A new meme!

Bizarre Rapping Grandpa Wants LeBron James Back in Cleveland, Is Quite Something to Look At

Hey LeBron ...

Hot Miami Heat Fan Is All Like ‘Lebron James Get At Me’

This girl wants you, Bron Bron....

Hilarious Video Asks If You’re a LeBron Hater or a No-Good Bandwagon Hater

You call yourself a LeBron hater? Bro, did you even hate on Draft Day?

U.S. Map Shows Which Athlete Your State Googles the Most

Your reign at the top was nice while it lasted, Tiger Woods.

Man on Twitter Thinks His Photo with LeBron James Is with Derrick Rose


LeBron James Dropped a Rap Song Today, It’s A Real Pile of Shit

Not going to sugar coat it: in the annals of April Fools pranks this will go down as one of the shittiest.