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I Promise This Is the Last Time We’ll Post About Lea Michele’s Butt

We've been going really really hard on the Lea Michele butt beat lately.

Lea Michele Just Shared Her Best Bikini Butt Instagram Pic Yet

We wish Lea Michele could go on vacation every week. Yesterday she impressed us, today she's making us drool.

Lea Michele’s Butt Is Looking INCREDIBLE on Instagram These Days

Glee star Lea Michele is currently in Italy, cruising around Capri and doing the things glamorous people do when they go on a Roman holiday.

Lea Michele Is Dating a Male Hooker

And we have questions.

Lea Michele’s New Music Video is Dripping With Sex

Just like on Glee.

Lea Michele Can’t Stop Sharing Her Nipples With the Internet

We hope this becomes a permanent thing.

We Are Baring Everything in This Week’s Hottie Index

Hotties for days.

You Can See Lea Michele’s Nipples Right Now If You Want

These pictures might fill you with... Glee.

Hottie Index: Which Hottie Blew Away Coachella Last Week?

After a few years of the same old song and dance, we decided to give the Hottie Index a little bit of a makeover. Like