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Marquette Lacrosse Bro Allegedly Dropped Acid and Punched a Cop After a Zedd Show

Charley E. Gargano is a Marquette University lacrosse player. He was also just charged with allegedly assaulting an officer after dropping four hits of acid

Trinity Lacrosse Bros with ‘Best Sideline Celebration of the Year’

Our dudes over at Lacrosse Playground are calling this the lacrosse "sideline celly of the year." It happened right after Trinity lax senior

The 5 Stereotypes a Lax Bro Faces, True or False

Editor's Note: With the college lacrosse season underway, we asked BroBible contributor and lacrosse aficionado Stefanie Williams to weigh in on lacrosse stereotypes. Follow her

Banging Your Best Friend’s Mom and a Lax Bro Goes Hoggin’

Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here. HERE WE GO!

11-Year-Old Lax Bro Plays Despite Having Lost Both Legs and Hands from a Mosquito Bite

Here's your warm, fuzzy, and inspirational moment of the day all rolled into one.