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This Is Why Reddit Is a TERRIBLE Place to Get Legal Advice


This Defense Lawyer Is a Real-Life Saul Goodman, Has The Most Honest Commercial Ever

Saul Goodman, your movie.

Lawyer In Georgia Airs the Most Badass Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Savannah lawyer Jamie Casino just won the hearts of the Internet with this incredible two-minute TV spot that airred only in the local Savannah DMA. It's like

An Alabama Law Firm Has Won Most Racist Advertisement of 2013

Okay, so it's not an actual contest. But if it were, we'd be amazed at McCutcheon & Hamner swooping in in early December and stealing the

This Lawyer Begged for a Job in Mass Email, Included Pic of Underwear Pose

Gather around the laptop, kids. I have a tale for you.

It’s Tim Tebow Time in Jacksonville, According to this Bad Commercial

Tim Tebow could openly murder several puppies on the floor of the U.S. Senate and there would be Tim Tebow truthers out there defending him.

You Hear the One About the Married Lawyer That Was Banging His Client and Billing Her for the Sex?

We all want to believe our dick could talk even the most suicidal chick off a ledge, but to fuck one of your clients and

Here’s a Roadside Body Cavity Search That Royally Pissed Off Two Texas Women

It turns out that not everyone is down with that. Who knew?

Lawyer Douche Gets Rejected by Girl, Then ‘Accidentally’ Sends Her Texts About How Ugly She Is

Being shot down is hard to swallow. I get that. But this lawyer is pathetic. How do I know that? Well, his texts affirm