steve aoki

Girl Is Suing Steve Aoki For Breaking Her Neck When He Went Raver-Rafting At A Show


MOST people know Steve Aoki's schtick at his shows: Throw cake into the crowd, inflate a raft and go "raver rafting" on top of everyone.

verizon sucks

Woman Sues Verizon After Customer Rep. Caused Her A Heart Attack, Which Is So Believable She Better Win


A Virginia woman is filing suit against cable conglomerate Verizon after she claims a phone exchange between her and a customer service representative directly prompted her to have a heart attack.

yik yak

The Frat Bros Who Founded Yik Yak Are Getting Sued By Their Fellow Frat Bro


Apparently when it comes to starting successful apps with your fraternity brothers geared towards college students, time is a flat circle.


These Sisters Are Suing SnapChat Because When You Google ‘SnapChat Sluts’ Their Picture Comes Up


Sarah and Elizabeth Turner (photoed above frolicking jovially on some sandy beach) are pissed off at SnapChat.


The House of Pain dude is suing a bouncy castle company for using ‘Jump Around’


When you're the frontman for House of Pain, you don't have a whole lot to hold onto these days.

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