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Hot CNN Reporter Got Too Turnt Up In Baghdad And Is Now Getting Sued For Drunkenly Biting Two EMTs

Worst. Night. Ever.

A Deluded Lindsay Lohan Is Suing The Makers Of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Because A Game Character Is MAYBE Based On Her

Oh LiLo, just stick with the cocaine and leave video games alone.

Today In Not Shocking Tech News: Tinder Is Being Sued for Sexual Harassment

Swipe left on hostile work environments.

The One Where the Gang Gets Sued For Their Dog Mauling a Baby

It's a dark-humor episode.

You’ll Never Guess Who These Nuns Are Suing

So much for "love thy neighbor."

Man Claims He Was Injured by Miley Cyrus’ Enormous Tongue

Look out for that thing.

Our Sriracha is Safe… For Now

Earlier in the week news came that the Sriracha plant in Irwindale, CA could be shut down. 

Would You Be Thrown Into Solitary Confinement for Two Years for a $15M Payout? This Guy Was

Stephen Slevin was arrested for a DWI in 2005 and tossed in solitary confinement for 22 months without ever having a trial. That mighty swing

This is the Woman (Legally) Fired By Her Boss for Being ‘Irresistible’

This woman got the shaft because her boss couldn’t imagine a situation where he wouldn’t end up giving her his shaft.

Here’s a Roadside Body Cavity Search That Royally Pissed Off Two Texas Women

It turns out that not everyone is down with that. Who knew?

Man Divorces and Sues His Wife for Being Ugly. Man Wins!

Justice hath been served. 

Woman Sues Brooklyn Doctor for Correctly Diagnosing Her With HIV

An interesting way to thank someone for saving your life.

Woman Sues Phillie Phanatic For Brutal Mascot-on-Human Crime

The Phillie Phanatic is one fun-loving guy. One woman, however, is suing him for having a little too much fun.

Man Sues Hospital Staff For Watching Baseball Instead of Dealing With His Painful Erection

I have a similar complaint around my house most nights, but she’s usually watching “The Bachelorette” or some other reality drivel instead of baseball.