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A Girl Is Being Sued By Her Sorority For Revealing The SECRET Handshake In The Latest Threat To National Security


In this week's edition of Greek Life Taking Themselves Too Seriously: A girl is being sued by her sorority for revealing the secret handshake, starring rich girls who have nothing better to complain about.

a gronking to remember

Couple Suing Author Of Rob Gronkowski Erotica Novel, “A Gronking To Remember,” For Using Their Engagement Photo On The Cover


An Ohio couple has filed a lawsuit against the author of "A Gronking To Remember," an erotic soft-core porn book about Patriots tight end and one-man party Rob Gronkowski, for using their engagement picture on the cover without the couple's permission.

jilted lover

Does This Spiteful Ex-Boyfriend Deserve A Refund For Everything He Bought His Ex During Their Relationship?


Florida natives, Ninfa Zerilli and Blake Minto  recently ended their relationship.


How saying ‘suck it’ on Facebook cost a teen’s family $80K


  Saying dumb things online will can end up costing you somewhere down the line.


Paula Deen said the N-word a lot


If you're surprised by this, you shouldn't be.

west sixth vs magic hat

West Sixth Brewing bitch fight with Magic Hat


An entertaining showdown is brewing between Magic Hat and Sixth West over a beer label that might be a little too similar.

Warner Brothers

Iran is suing the crap out of Hollywood


This should be pretty funny if it ever comes to court.


Budweiser not watered down, lab results show


You've likely heard that two Philly man are suing Anheuser-Busch for watering down their beer.


Chubby Checker sues over penis measuring app


Legendary rock 'n' roll star, Chubby Checker, the man behind the hit "The Twist" is suing Hewlett Packard over an app that measures penis size.


Taiwanese animated news takes on the Elmo situation


This one's good because it demonstrates what Chinese people think about gay people.

sexual abuse

Is Elmo another Jerry Sandusky?


Welcome to the saddest news story you'll read this week.


Budweiser is pissed at Denzel for drinking their beer


AB-InBev is not happy about their beer's prominent role in the movie Flight.

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