revenge porn legislation

‘Revenge Porn’ has taken the courts by storm, find out why


The phrase 'revenge porn' has been all over the news recently, the term that refers to the act of getting back at one's ex by releasing private, sexually explicit images to the public by publishing them somewhere on the web.


4 Insane Things You Had No Clue Were Legal


Everything you've ever wanted to know about fake weed, texting while driving, and rifles that fire like machine guns.

Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman’s Attorney Opens Trial with Head-Scratching Knock-Knock Joke


I've been watching George Zimmerman's attorney, Don West, give his opening statement for about 20 minutes now, and let's just say his slow, rambling, and eye-glazing delivery shouldn't inspire confidence to the now-comically oversized Zimmerman sitting in the defense chair.


Think Work Sucks? The Philadelphia Lawyer Agrees


[inline:happy]We've been a fan of The Philadelphia Lawyer blog for a while now, and when we heard that the author's debut book, "Happy Hour is for Amateurs: Work Sucks.

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